First post of the year: how original.

I have spent quite some time thinking about what that first post should be about. An Introduction? It would not fit in one post. I am a firm believer no one can introduce oneself with only a few words. Still, I’m willing to try.

Who am I?


I could say I’m an English student, but that would not be true. In fact, I’m studying English and Japanese applied to Economy, Law and other boring interesting subjects. It is the French way to say I’m studying many things for no purpose at all. In the end, I’ll be a beginner in all those minors and barely able to wade my way through an entire conversation in Japanese or English. That’s the main reason behind this blog. I need a place where I can practice writing English. I’m not expecting a class to take me to fluency, either in speaking or writing. Plus, it’s easier and funnier to talk  about how hard it is to find the right skincare routine or discuss how much Rhum to use in all cake recipes on a blog rather than on an essay. Also, I was reminded that many native speakers write like ****. Yes, mistakes will be made, grammatically wrong sentences will be typed, and so what? Let’s type away!

I could tell you I am French. At this very moment, you might start thinking I eat cheese every day, cannot live without baguette, have a high sense of fashion and shower only once a week, because that is how foreigners picture French women. Let me get one thing straight, I shower on a daily basis! (It has been a year since that French cliché was revealed to me by American friends during my stay in Japan and I am still not over it.)

Did I mention the fact I am a girl?

What else can I say? My dog is the love of my life, I am (sometimes) funny, always working (what’s a day off?), awesome and crazy. You’ll figure the rest out if you keep reading.

Can we pretend this introduction and this useless post are over now?


5 thoughts on “First post of the year: how original.”

    1. It’s always interesting to learn about the clichés surrounding your nationality, haha! I got quite a few surprises!
      Thank you very much, happy new year! 🙂


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