2017 Book Reviews

Don’t Tell Anyone ✦ Eleanor Gray

Blue Lily, Lily Blue ✦ Maggie Stiefvater

PsychoAnalysis ✦ V. R. Stone

Corrupt Me ✦ Jillian Quinn

Robinson Crusoe ✦ Daniel Defoe

The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir ✦ Lesley Allen

Revenge ✦ Nigel May

The Beautiful Dead ✦ Belinda Bauer

Parker ✦ Jillian Quinn

How to Throw Your Life Away? ✦ Laurie Ellingham

Blink ✦ K.L. Slater

The Demolished Man ✦ Alfred Bester

The Silent Wife ✦ Kerry Fisher

The Devil You Know ✦ Terry Tyler

The Mountain in my Shoe ✦ Louise Beech

Snowblind ✦ Ragnar Jónasson

Six Stories ✦ Matt Wesolowski

Where Roses Never Die ✦ Gunnar Staalesen

 Two Voices One Story ✦ Elaine Rizzo and Amy Masters

The Abrupt Physics of Dying ✦ Paul E. Hardisty

In Her Wake ✦ Amanda Jennings

Don’t Stop Me Now ✦ Colleen Coleman

Will To Live ✦ Rachel Amphlett

The Defenceless ✦ Kati Hiekkapelto

Exquisite ✦ Sarah Stovell

Windcatcher ✦ A.J. Norfield

The Darkest Lies ✦ Barbara Copperthwaite

Kane ✦ Jillian Quinn

The Cobra Effect ✦ Christy Esmahan

Two Lost Boys ✦ L.F. Robertson

Block 46 ✦ Johana Gustawsson

Annie’s Lovely Choir by the Sea ✦ Liz Eeles

The French Way: Block 46 ✦ Johana Gustawsson (French review)

Reconciliation For The Dead ✦ Paul E. Hardisty

One to Watch ✦ Rachel Amphlett

Promised Lies ✦ Marguerite Ashton

Pirates of Venus ✦ Edgar Rice Burroughs

Scared to Death ✦ Rachel Amphlett

Slave ✦ Laura Frances

One Little Mistake ✦ Emma Curtis

The One ✦ John Marrs

Blood Sisters ✦ Jane Corry

The Serial Killer’s Daughter ✦ Lesley Welsh

Liar ✦ K.L. Slater

Broken Branches ✦ M. Jonathan Lee

Two Sisters ✦ Kerry Wilkinson

Wolves in the Dark ✦ Gunnar Staalesen

Guilty ✦ Laura Elliot

Curves, Kisses and Chocolate Ice Cream ✦ Sue Watson

66 Metres ✦ J.F. Kirwan

The Other Twin ✦ Lucy H. Vay

The Stolen Girls ✦ Patricia Gibney

 Summer at the Little French Guesthouse ✦ Helen Pollard

Cursed ✦ Thomas Enger

Reported Missing ✦ Sarah Wray

The Lost Wife ✦ Anna Mansell

The Silent Kookaburra ✦ Liza Perrat

Till The Dust Settles ✦ Pat Young

The Girls in the Water ✦ Victoria Jenkins

The Unquiet Dead ✦ Pat Young

If You Could See Me Now ✦ Keris Stainton

Best Intentions ✦ Erika Raskin

A Single Step ✦ Georgia Rose

The Other Girl ✦ Erica Spindler

Blackout ✦ Ragnar Jonasson

Dead To Me ✦ Stephen Edger

Watching the Bodies ✦ Graham Smith

The Haunted Forest Tour ✦ Jess Strand and James A. Moore

The House ✦ Simon Lelic

House of Spines ✦ Michael J. Malone

Maria in the Moon ✦ Louise Beech

The Kindred Killers ✦ Graham Smith

Dangerous Crossing ✦ Rachel Rhys

Reach for the Stars ✦ Colleen Coleman

The Surrogate ✦ Louise Jensen

The Mistake ✦ Kim Slater

Annie’s Christmas by the Sea ✦ Liz Eeles

The Language of Secrets ✦ Ausma Zehanat Khan

London Noir ✦ Ann Girdharry

Silent Lies ✦ Kathryn Croft

Why Stuff Matters ✦ Jen Waldo

The Lost Child ✦ Patricia Gibney

Clipped Wings ✦ Jennifer Gilmour

Broken Bones ✦ Angela Marsons

Hell to Pay ✦ Rachel Amphlett

Gone Missing ✦ T.J. Brearton

CWA Anthology of Short Stories ✦ Edited by Martin Edwards

The Child ✦ Fiona Barton

The Missing Ones ✦ Patricia Gibney

It Happens All the Time ✦ Amy Hatvany

Broken Bones (written review) ✦ Angela Marsons

The Idea of You ✦ Amanda Prowse

The Bird Tribunal ✦ Agnes Ravatn

Saga ✦ Brian K. Vaughan&Fiona Staples