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@JenLGilmour does it again for the good cause: The Instagram Positive Challenge!

Did you know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month? I did not! But my dear friend Jennifer always makes sure we get the information needed to never forget the fight and the help required to stop this! In honor of this awareness month, she has created an Instagram Challenge and we are all invited… Continue reading @JenLGilmour does it again for the good cause: The Instagram Positive Challenge!


Chocolate’n’Waffles turns 1!

While the rest of the world was celebrating the beginning of a new year at midnight, I blew the candle standing proudly on my home-made madeleine to wish Chocolate'n'waffles' Blog a happy first blogiversary! (Cakes are too 2016 so I decided to go with the new hype, 😋) Thanks so much to all of my… Continue reading Chocolate’n’Waffles turns 1!


2016 Book Goals

I can't recall when I stopped being the nerd girl who always carried a book with her. Growing up, I would always choose the company of all those amazing characters  over my fellow human beings. Then university and work happened and I lost control of my schedule, and my life basically. But there are no… Continue reading 2016 Book Goals


First post of the year: how original.

I have spent quite some time thinking about what that first post should be about. An Introduction? It would not fit in one post. I am a firm believer no one can introduce oneself with only a few words. Still, I'm willing to try. Who am I? I could say I'm an English student, but… Continue reading First post of the year: how original.