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Vanishing Point by Vanessa Robertson @Ness_Robertson @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

A stolen painting. A high stakes recovery operation. A game of nerve. Art advisor Kate Carpenter has an off-the-books sideline in art recovery, dealing with thieves and gangsters to reunite valuable artworks with their owners. But this time she’s taking it up a notch. Only a day after her ex-boyfriend was convicted of assaulting her,… Continue reading Vanishing Point by Vanessa Robertson @Ness_Robertson @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

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Are You #AfraidOfTheLight? The Anthology you Need! #CrimeFiction for @samaritans @NolanDom

Title: Afraid of the LightAuthors: Rachael Blok, Heather Critchlow, Elle Croft, James Delargy, Clare Empson, Jo Furniss, N.J. Mackay, S.R. Masters, Phoebe Morgan, Dominic Nolan, Robert Scragg, Victoria Selman, Kate Simants, Adam SouthwardPublication date: 28 April 2020 Genre: the best anthology of darkness you can findNumber of pages: 121Rating: 5 stars (buy it now) Some… Continue reading Are You #AfraidOfTheLight? The Anthology you Need! #CrimeFiction for @samaritans @NolanDom

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I Do…n’t? #HowToMarryYourHusband by Jacqueline Rohen @dippyjax @alicefspencer @arrowpublishing #BlogTour

Title: How to Marry Your HusbandAuthor: Jacqueline RohenPublisher: Cornerstone Genre: romanceDate of publication: May 1st 2020Format: ebookNumber of pages: 464 Rachel vowed that she would love David for better or worse… But when she spots him kissing another woman, she knows their marriage is over. And she’s determined to get her revenge through divorce. The… Continue reading I Do…n’t? #HowToMarryYourHusband by Jacqueline Rohen @dippyjax @alicefspencer @arrowpublishing #BlogTour

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Grey World: #Lockdown by Peter May @authorpetermay @riverrunbooks @SophMidas @midaspr

Title: LockdownAuthor: Peter MayPublisher: RiverrunDate of publication: April 2020Genre: mystery and thrillerFormat read: e-ARCNumber of pages: 416 A CITY IN QUARANTINE London, the epicenter of a global pandemic, is a city in lockdown. Violence and civil disorder simmer. Martial law has been imposed. No-one is safe from the deadly virus that has already claimed thousands… Continue reading Grey World: #Lockdown by Peter May @authorpetermay @riverrunbooks @SophMidas @midaspr

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All The Ingredients Are Right Here: #TheLittleFrenchRecipeBook by Jacky Durand @HodderBooks

Title: The Little French Recipe BookAuthor: Jacky DurandPublisher: Hodder& Stoughton Ebook publication date: 16 April 2020Number of pages: 176 pages For thirty years, Julien has lived with the question as to why his mother, Helene, suddenly walked out on him and his father - and why his father Henri refused to ever speak of her… Continue reading All The Ingredients Are Right Here: #TheLittleFrenchRecipeBook by Jacky Durand @HodderBooks

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Headlines: #AllTheNews by Hollis Bush

Title: All The News Author: Hollis BushDate of publication: 3rd March 2020Number of pages: 256 John Schram, reporter for the Lancaster Standard Newspaper, husband, and father to two boys, is feeling his age. His paper has hired consultants who seem too young to understand a newsroom and worse yet, have required the installation of low-flow… Continue reading Headlines: #AllTheNews by Hollis Bush