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Reveal Your Dark Side: The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor #1in100People @deboc77 @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Nothing better on a scorching day than an intense and chilling read!

I would like to thank Tracy Fenton for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

the dangerous kind.jpgTitle: The Dangerous Kind
Author: Deborah O’Connor
Date of publication: 16 May 2019
Publisher: Zaffre
Format: e-copy
Number of pages: 366

One in 100 of us is a ‘potentially dangerous person’ – someone likely to commit a violent crime. We all know them: these charmers, liars and manipulators. The ones who send prickles up the back of our neck.

These people hide in plain sight. They can be teachers, doctors, lawyers, holding positions of trust, of power.

Jessamine Gooch makes a living tracking the 1 in 100. Each week she broadcasts a radio show that examines brutal offences, asking if more could have been done to identify and prevent their perpetrators.

But when she agrees to investigate a missing person case involving a young mother, she is drawn into a web of danger that will ultimately lead to the upper echelons of power, and threaten the sfety of her own family.


Are you looking for a light and comfortable read?
Better pick something else than The Dangerous Kind.
But if you are ready for a stunning, raw, and relevant tale of monsters living among us, you’ve come to the right place!

Get ready for a dark opening, the door to a haunted house and some of the vilest atrocities.

Jessamine Gooch is a middle-age single mom with a brilliant career as a reporter and a radio show running on its eleventh year. Jessamine is a real gem throughout the novel and a wonderfully crafted character. Hot flushes plague her, her job gets on the line, she navigates teenagerhood with love and protectiveness. Every single detail about her made the book more real, more grounded, and helped me face the darkest layers of The Dangerous Kind.

Jessamine’s show is topical and absolutely relevant. I should know, I love all things true crime! I wished I could listen to Potentially Dangerous People! On it, Jessamine and a team of experts dissect crimes and the lives of those involved to try and discern patterns which would allow us to recognize and stop criminally-inclined people before they act. Isn’t it thrilling?

When she gets accosted in the street by a stranger hoping she can take a look at a missing person case, Jessamine doesn’t know she is standing on the edge of a tipping point in her life. From here, and through different points of view — in the present with our reporter, her daughter Sarah, and a young man called Jitesh, and in the past with a girl named Rowena, the novel quickly turns into a free fall to hell! Heavy subjects such as domestic violence and child abuse are tackled with tact, the author doesn’t shy away from using her brilliant prose to put words on the kind of abominations we can barely imagine. A flawed system and the holes in which victims can fall into absolutely broke my heart, and I was happy to share the burden with Jessamine. I use the word burden, but in a good way. Why silence it? Because staying blind to it make it disappear? It doesn’t, and Deborah O’Connor has the strength and skills to bring us vivid images, not just for the chilling edge it brings to the story, but as a way to cause a ripple.

I was so engrossed in the lives of the protagonists that each painful or taut scene just brought me closer to them. Money, status, social media, there is no theme the author can’t nail and add to her plot to make it thicker, richer, and darker.

I became addicted to the jumps in POVs, searching for a connection, looking for rays of hope. Goosebumps broke out on my arms when it dawned on me that indeed, the most dangerous ones can be the closest to us!

The Dangerous Kind is a thought-provoking novel I enjoyed tremendously, although ‘enjoy’ might not be the right word!!! Fans of journalistic investigations with twists galore will adore following Jessamine on her path to the truth as much as I did!

Grab your copy here!

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about the author

Screenshot 2019-06-02 15.29.40

Hello.  I’m Deborah.  By day I come up with ideas for TV shows at CPL Productions, by night I write novels.

I love television.  I love books.

What else?

I was born and bred in Teesside in the North-East of England. Now, I live in London with my husband and daughter.

I read English at Newnham College, Cambridge and after a summer tour managing Footlights, began my first job in TV on The Big Breakfast.  I’ve created various shows (Grow Your Own Drugs, Look Me In The Eye) but I’m proudest of the work I’m doing now.  Our multi award-winning Channel 4 series Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds has changed the face of elderly care in the UK and we’re hoping that our latest format, The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, will change the lives of the thousands of people living and working with dementia.

In 2016 my first novel MY HUSBAND’S SON was published and went on to become a bestseller.  My next thriller THE DANGEROUS KIND will be published in hardback in 2019.

I’d love to hear from you, so get in touch.

You can follow me on twitter here @deboc77

On instagram here @deborahleighoconnor


33 thoughts on “Reveal Your Dark Side: The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor #1in100People @deboc77 @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n”

  1. Great review! The radio show in the book, does sound interesting. I wonder if it is possible to identify criminals before they act? Probably a lot of people could be driven to crime under the ‘right’ circumstances, but in many cases it never happens.


  2. I feel like I know so many true crime enthusiasts who would be all over this book, while I am just here scared at the thought of people even being able to be violent in the first place haha I am such a whimp. Anyway, this was a fantastic review and it really drew me in, even if this isn’t really my genre.


  3. Oh, this fits my current reading mood perfectly!
    I’m the sort who would contemplate topics like this, and wonder who among the people i know is the dodgy one. 😀


  4. Great review, Meggy. This one sounds so well written. I love books that get you that invested in the characters and all that is happening in their lives.


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