Bye November 2018!

It’s already time for another wrap-up. Seriously, days fly by at an alarming rate and soon we will be saying goodbye to 2018. How did this happen?


What’s New?

I’m broke because I spent all my money on an unlimited yoga pass at a studio in Bordeaux. I’m getting back in shape and loving it! Mind and body need it, believe me. I haven’t missed looking silly with my butt in the air when people are looking, though. But hey, I have a nice butt :p

I am no longer a bookseller. No regrets. I can’t wait for my next chapter!

New bookish ideas and projects are coming my way, we shall see where they lead me.

Books I read this month

More diversity this month, which is good! I’ve been reading more than reviewing this past few days so you should expect more next month!

Books I reviewed

My Kind of Christmas: The Long Shadow by Celia Fremlin @FaberBooks @joanna_brl #BlogTour

Scalpel, Please: Skin Deep by Liz Nugent @lizzienugent @PenguinUKBooks @GeorgiaKTaylor

Smoking Hot: Kill it With Fire by Adam Maxwell @ISayItsAdam #HappyPubDay #Favoriteseries

Freeze!: Die Cold by Graham Smith @GrahamSmith1972 @Bloodhoundbook

Too Close to Her Bones in The Graveyard: The Quickies are back! #reviews @natdaniels2018 @TransworldBooks @KateMoretti1 @TitanBooks @neilhimself

#Signing Off: Follow Me by Angela Clarke @TheAngelaClarke #favouritealert #series @AvonBooksUK

8 reviews. Not bad, but I expected better!

New Books (won, purchased, for review, whatever)

Book of the Month Award

Although I have read many fantastic books this month, there is one that stands out. It was highly anticipated and it didn’t fail!


I was so happy to be welcomed back in Kilchester that I worried the novella would let me down. But Adam Maxwell did a great job and my mind was blown away by this explosive reunion with Violet!

Blogging time!

Cover reveal


Guest posts


This Week in Books


And that’s a wrap on November! Christmas is just around the corner, I hope December treats you all well. Stay warm!

20 thoughts on “Bye November 2018!”

  1. Can I ask you how come you’re not a bookseller anymore? I mean, was it your choice to leave?
    Ohh, those months when you read more and review less are sometimes nice, I always try not to stress myself about not reviewing every single book I read.
    But hey, I’m still looking forward to read your reviews! 😉


  2. Ohhh yay for yoga! I’m glad to hear you’re getting back in shape with this unlimited pass, that sounds so good. I need to get back to yoga as well, well… when I’ll be in better shape to do so haha 🙂
    It seems like you had a great reading month otherwise, yay! I hope you’ll have a wonderful December my sweechie ❤


  3. Yay for yoga! 🙂 It’s nice you found something you enjoy doing and is also good for mind & body.

    The Rumor is on my list too. Will try and read it this month. Hope it’s good 😀


  4. I am broke too, but unfortunately not because of yoga, but just general life things and my lack of restriction haha and I am keeping my fingers crossed for whatever comes next for you. Career changes can be so exciting!


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