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Lazy Saturday Review: Remember Me by Lynda Renham


From LipsyyI started doing ‘lazy Saturday reviews’ as a way of getting reviews done in just 30 mins, and they proved to be quite popular. They are quick and snappy, and concentrate less on the plot (or content) and writing and more on my overall feelings about said book. They generally end up being a bit of a rant. My fave!

I was kindly offered a copy of this story by the publisher in exchange for an honest review!

CoverPicTitle: Remember Me
Author: Lynda Renham
Date of publication:  2017
Publisher: Raucous Publishing
Format: e-copy
Number of pages: 292

A new neighbour becomes a new friend. She looks up to you. She admires you, but is it you she wants? You begin to wonder if she wants your husband, or even your child. But then you realise, she wants your life.

When Sharni and Tom move into 24 The Pines, it seems like Clare and Chris have the perfect neighbours. Sharni is always there to help, especially with childcare for Clare’s two-year-old, Ben. But Clare can’t shake off the feelings of anxiety that assail her whenever Sharni is near.  Is Clare just being overprotective, or are her feelings justified?  As Sharni‘s influence touches everyone around her, Clare finds herself fighting for her sanity as well her family.

The gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.

my review red

Remember Me won’t be an easy read to forget!
Okay, that was an easy one!

Right from the start, coming from the point of view of Clare, married and mother of little Ben, you feel something is wrong. Not “wrong” wrong, just… A struggling mother. Totally relatable. Absolutely safe… or is it?

Right after husbands, my favorite suspects are neighbors. Especially those with big curtains or the ones who know exactly who comes back at what time. Aren’t they perfect to imagine the worst?

On top of her own issues, Clare soon realizes her neighbor is perfect. Or that’s how she appears. Hahahahahaha. Beware the neighbour should replace the “beware the dog” sign!!!

Half the story is told through Clare’s eyes and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, although I did feel she could do a little about more about her situation at times. Moaning and complaining too often has a bad effect on those around you! I couldn’t decide whether I pitied her or wanted to slap her. Yet, I understood. Things can go wrong very quickly and I believe in all the little signs that make you feel something is not right.

I was taken by surprise when the voice changed and we were thrown into Sharni’s life on the other side of the wall. Completely different from defenseless Clare, those chapters led me to think I had been right from the start. I’ll admit that after a couple of chapters, I was sure to know what would happen. I am glad to let you know the author totally fooled me and I did not see the end coming!

My take on it? WHAT THE HELL???

Excuse my French (this idiom will never fail to make me laugh, especially used by a Frenchie) but when I thought I had the pieces of the puzzle right, Lynda Renham just changed the entire puzzle and left me completely gobsmacked! I had it all wrong. And everything in this story is very very wrong! If you want to know more and see if it is worth Remembering, grab a copy!

You can find it on Amazon!


8 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Review: Remember Me by Lynda Renham”

  1. I love the cover of this one, it just looks so creepy and that is before you read the blurb. I love your lazy Saturday reviews, as they keep you guessing a bit more about the book.
    Thinking of you and your adventures today lovely friend.
    Amanda xx


  2. I love the idea of Lazy reviews 🙂 Reminds me a bit of mini reviews. I have always wanted to try one, except I keep rambling on and on. Love the concept of your blog – very unique! New follower here 🙂 Happy Lazy Saturday!


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