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Suntag: The Cookie Book Tag!

This blog is becoming too serious! We need some bookish fun today, so I decided to resurrect my favorite non-review posts: the Suntag! On top of it, it’s ABOUT FOOD! I’ve been nominated by the adorable and fab Beth @ Reading Every Night and the lovely and great Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger! Thank you so much, ladies!

suntag cookie.png


  • In addition to linking back to the person who tagged you, it would be awesome if you link back to Nicole’s original post!
  • Pick a book that corresponds to the cookie’s ‘theme’.
  • Have fun!
  • Tag one to three people.

Chocolate Chip:
A classic book that you love or really enjoyed

Interpret classic how you want, it can be a classic written 100 years ago or 20 years ago.

What do you call a classic? :p Because the definition is different from my point of view! But I’ll go with the widespread meaning!


The only two classics I read without getting a headache or wanting to murder someone with the book. I really enjoyed those different but equally gripping stories!

Thin Mints:
A fandom that you really want to ‘join’ and/or a hyped-up book you want to read

Your source(s) of a book being hyped can be from anywhere.

I am so so late on this, but I really want to start reading Schwab’s work!

a darker shade of magic

An author you can’t get enough of

Rachel Amphlett has a way of putting right into the middle of her created world and make you connect with the characters that is so strong that wish I could reread this series! I’m now dying to get my hands on her other books!! Also, I want the key to #TheKayMystery!!


Samoas/Caramel DeLites:
An emotional rollercoaster

This cookie was hard…so any book that made you feel more than one emotion, strongly. The choice of emotions is up to you.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started The Mountain in my Shoe. I loved the title but I hadn’t read the blurb when I started, and I was transported into lives and feelings I wasn’t ready for! The writing makes every emotion crawl under your skin and explode in your chest!


A book whose cover was better than the story, or vice versa, where the story was better than the cover

I had high hopes for PyschoAnalysis, and although the story wasn’t bad per say, the cover really had an impact on me while the book itself left me disappointed. Look at the contrast of the red on the white… It’s beautiful!!!


Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties:
A book that wasn’t what you expected

Good, bad, or just different, interpret how you wish.

Portmanteau was a real surprise I discovered thanks to the amazing Inge @ The Belgian Reviewer (and if you don’t know her site, which I doubt, go go go and check it!). I wasn’t sure what to expect so the story was refreshing and very … surprising!


A book you may never stop re-reading/loving

My first Orenda Books love. Intense, difficult read, but so beautifully written that I would definitely reread it (despite having no time to reread!!!) One sure is certain, I’m never stopping loving this and pushing it on people so we can fully tackle the subject of male spouse abuse.


I’m tagging:

Yesha @ Books Teacups and Reviews

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Krysti @ YA & Wine

Dee @ Novel Deelights

Liz @ Cover to Cover



52 thoughts on “Suntag: The Cookie Book Tag!”

  1. Thank you so much for the tag, my Sweechie! And YES you have to start reading Schwab’s work, she is such a fantastic writer and I can only hope you’ll love the ADSOM series! 😀


  2. Oo fun tag. I want to join the V.E. Schwab fandom too, haha, so at the recommendation of Jo (@ Jo’s Book Blog) I bought ADSoM 😊 I hope we both enjoy her books when we get around to reading them!
    And yes, I need the Kay mystery revealed/solved too!


  3. Aww thanks for the mention my fav Waffle! I still have this tag on my shelf but I’m still thinking about the classic.. I haven’t read any classics I think *oops*. I still have much to read when I look at all your wonderful recommendations! Loved reading your answers!


  4. A fun tag Donna! You’ve reminded me I want to try Rachel Amphlett’s books, I don’t know if I can squeeze in another series but that’s one I see everywhere and think it’s time I tried one out


  5. I always love reading your answers when you do tags so I’m glad you’re back doing these on your blog. Jane Eyre and Rebecca are two of my most favourite books too so we have that in common. 🙂 I’ve yet to read A Suitable Lie but it’s slowly moving higher up my TBR mountain, it sounds like a very powerful novel.


    1. Aw, I’m happy you enjoy the tags, I had forgotten how fun they were and how they helped me take a break from the usual posts. I really hope you can read A Suitable Lie soon, almost a year later, I still feel so much when thinking about it!


  6. I haven’t seen this tag before but it looks like a good one. One you might need to have some biscuits around to eat while deciding on the books.
    Loving your ‘shortbread’ answer. The Kay Mysteries are a series I’m really looking forward to starting.


  7. Whenever I am on your blog, I realise that we have such different tastes in books it’s crazy hahaha but I still love seeing something other than the same 38495 books all the time 😀


  8. Psycho Analysis left me feeling slightly disappointed as well. The characters had so much potential but the end result was flat 😦 But it was still entertaining. I seriously need to read Rebecca. I also admit to not having started VE Schwab yet 😉


  9. Great answers for this tag Donna, I loved reading them. 🙂
    V.E. Schwab in general is definitely an author you need to get into, her Shades of Magic series is my all-time favourite yes but all her books are amazing in my opinion and I think you’ll really love them as well Donna.
    Also I’m not surprised to see Rachel Amphlett in this tag either, I know how much you loved her Kay Hunter series! 😀 ❤


    1. Thank you, you adorable pie! ❤
      Schwab is on my summer reading list, so it should not be long now until I get to it… Says the girl who has to get rid of all of her ARCs before September! xD I couldn't help put Kay Hunter here, it was too tempting! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I adore Jane Eyre, it’s my favourite classic of all time! There is just something captivating about that story and the characters within it. 🙂 Victoria Schwab is one of my favourite authors so I can only contribute to the hype! I would highly recommend you to read some of her works. 😉


  11. What a delightful tag this is! 🙂 I love cookies… so much! 🙂
    I’m totally the same when it comes to your thin mints- I have A Darker Shade of Magic on my Kindle for a looooong time now and I just don’t seem to be getting to it 🙂


  12. Awesome post!!! I absolutely adore Rebecca and Jane Eyre!! I hope you get to the shades of magic series soon- I’d be interested to hear what you think!! And *hangs head in shame* at all the books on this list that are still on my tbr…


    1. I think Rebecca and Jane will remain my only classics for now :p I am so excited about a million books to even give the genre another try xD I’m Schwabing myself this summer so you’ll have all my thoughts on at least one book!
      Haha, at least they are on your TBR!!!! xxx


  13. I really hope you love Shades of Magic when you get to read it. I was late for the hype train as well but, boy, did I board it! Now that the trilogy is all out, I think it’s the perfect time to start 🙂
    I love this tag! It makes me super hungry but it’s cookie related so what’s there not to love? 😛


  14. Mm. Now I want all those tasties! And also, to read Rebecca again. And to finally read The Mountain In My Shoe. Too bad Rebecca isn’t the kind of book you’d forget, so I can’t quite up and read it again just like that 😀 I might need another decade or two.


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