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Blog Therapy n°2: Mental Health Month and Election Day

May is Mental Health Month. Thanks for blogging or I would never have known! Okay, it might be because it’s an American thing and I do not currently live there. But mental health is important everywhere and I wish my country would take such initiatives.

blog therapy 2.png

As you may know, today is a big day for France. We are voting to elect our next president. When I woke up with morning, I had the same pit in my stomach as I had the day the orange puppet of a US President was elected. This doesn’t bode well.

They say “Don’t talk politics if you want to keep your friends.” Well, for me today, it’s vote for worse or worst. I do not recognize myself in either party or face representing it. The placards everywhere don’t help, they make me want to run over them. (If you disagree, it’s fine. All opinions are valid here.)

Then you have the TV coverage. Hours of debat. Scandals. Who did what. Who hid what. I feel the world has lost sight of what is important and we are rushing through space into a giant wall.

Now, what’s the link between Mental Health and the election, except that both make me want to scream and hide? I can’t recall one of our candidates mentioning the subject of mental illnesses. Security, terrorism, money. Oh, they love those! It creates a fearful atmosphere and keeps people scared of their neighbors. And I realized this relentless talking about the scenarios, the plans, the numbers, had an effect on me and my anxiety. All this fuss which is supposed to bring us together and unite a nation, bear the values of a country, have only managed to make me sick.

So today, I’m voting. Then I’m shutting myself out from everything.

Mental health is about taking care of yourself. Today more than ever for me.

I decided I needed a post to vent, and to share my ways of taking a step back and be gentle with myself. So here is my plan for the next 24 hours!

no tv.png

The best way to get a headache and spend your days with your stomach so tight you can’t eat is to stay in from of an 24/7 News channel and listen to them predict what’s gonna happen and fail.

I’ll also miss the usual midday news because we won’t know anything by then and it’s stupid to watch a footage showing you candidates voting. We ALL are voting (or so I hope) so I don’t care about them doing it.

tv shows are allowed.png

I’ll leave The Newsroom in its case or I’ll drown in a pool of tears hoping we had a Will McAvoy/Mackenzie McHale team to help us go through with it. But any crime show can help! I was thinking about Broadchurch but the tone might be too close to what’s really happening so… Friends. You can always count of Joey to cheer you up. Feeling girly? Ring the Gilmore Girls! Anything to keep my thoughts on happy things.

the nail power.png

When I’m feeling down or stressed, I bite my nails, like 80% of the population. To avoid doing it in order to look prettier when I’ll have to shake hands, I love putting on nail polish on my very very short and ugly nails so I am not tempted to do more damage. Plus, it requires a concentration that doesn’t leave room to anything else.


I took on a beta-reading job and it turns out it’s gonna be a little harder than expected, so I should spend an hour reading and working… On top of this, I need to boost my general knowledge with books and tests that make you feel like you’re the dumbest person on Earth!


My posts for next week are all written. Now they need some help getting formatted, proofread, and scheduled. It should keep me busy for an hour! (Did I ever told you I was slow??)

Then I’m going to go all lazy with a blog-hoping workout on the sofa bed we installed on the terrace! My favorite kind of sports! Nothing like a hundred of blog posts and comments to reply to to steal your hours and have you immersed in what you love the most!


Finally! The reading!

I allowed myself to go off schedule last night because of a slight panic attack and grabbed the first book in the Kay Hunter series by Rachel Amphlett as I love Kay and will have to read her third book soon. Yep, I read the second, now the first, then the third, I’m a mess!


Guess who’s gonna spend an hour repeating words with a dark L like “feeling, build, all, well”??? Plunging into my goal to erase that French accent always makes me forget the time. I even forgot to eat, once. Something that never happens. Never ever never. That’s the power of the American Invasion! I should post a video of me doing those exercises, you’d have a good laugh!

red hair.png

Dyeing your hair red demands a lot work from your side. That color is not gonna be friendly and stay awesome on her own. So I’m planning an hour in the bathroom, with all the products I need to keep the fire on my head and a Taylor Swift playlist to keep me company. I’ll be singing out of tune while my nation takes the biggest decision of the year.

This are some of the things I do on bad days, stressful moments, and downtime. They help me find peace and I thought today was the perfect day to share my anti-anxiety favorite activities.

Now you may think this is the wrong way of dealing with the day. That I should be more concerned. That I should do more. That I should care. I do care. I care about my country and how it’s gonna be ruled for the next years. But to keep caring about it, I need to be able to. And for that, I need to put myself first. So by taking care of myself, I’m taking care of the future me and I’m assuring she can do her best in five years to prevent another worst-case scenario.

Does your country have a special day or month for Mental Health awareness? What’s your way of dealing with a big wrong day? If you believe in any God, please pray that France makes the less-wrong decision!

47 thoughts on “Blog Therapy n°2: Mental Health Month and Election Day”

  1. Huge huggles of love my darling, a testing time but you’re being wise by planning self care. If postnatal depression & anxiety have taught me anything, it’s the importance to being kind to yourself when you need it most. Much love to you my little flame haired wonder xxxx


    1. Awwww, how can I resist such sweetness and so much love sent my way? ❤ Thank you! There's a chilling feeling in the air and I feel it best to stay away from everything. Better protect myself and get ready for what's to come 🙂 Thank you so much my lovely friend for your words, support, and kindness xxxx

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  2. This is such a great post and your tips for calming down are really great. I knew certain months had special meanings but the fact that there is one for mental health awareness is really good and so needed.


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I just started writing because I needed to, the stress of the day was everywhere around and I thought that it would be nice to share, no matter how silly the post. I love the fact there is a Mental Health month, it is such a great idea. I wish there were more things done to fight the diseases as well as the taboos.

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  3. Eurgh, Taylor Swift, barf!!!!

    Lol at ‘orange puppet’ sniggers!

    Can’t say I fault you for doing what you did, we all need to take a step back and do things that take our mind of stuff that’s going on in reality and at times you definitely need to find peace.

    And let’s be honest, who really wants to or watches the news constantly on days like an election, after you’ve voted there’s nothing you can do, only wait and see what the outcome is, may as well spend that time doing something you find peaceful!

    We have this happening in the UK in a months time and sadly nowadays and I know that I sound jaded when I write this but the party who wins/loses always seems irrelevant as neither are what you would deem good and it feels like you are having to pick from the lesser of two or more evils, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘right’ option only an option that is supposed to be better but rarely is, it’s the few leading the many and they get to play with our lives all because we ticked the right/wring box.


    1. Shush, Taylor Swift is awesome to cheer you up, even with the saddest songs xD
      The energy around was too much to bear. May is important for me, and I need to be able to face it without anything going in my way, so if the elections are too intense, I don’t feel bad about staying away. I voted, so what I do next is my own business! It was good to try and forget a major thing was going. I love that I have tools like books and the blog to really take my mind of things.
      I can only say that I agree… Politics are a joke these days.

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  4. Absolutely right in that you need to take care of yourself first. And great activities to do so. It sounds like a nice afternoon of blogging on a terrace bed and there are many fab blog posts out there to read.
    You make me smile when you speak of getting that American accent! I’d stick with the cute French! 😚. But have fun with your hard ‘L’s’. Just don’t forget to eat! There is too much necessity and enjoyment in that particular activity. Bring on the waffles. 😉
    Amanda xx


    1. There was something so wrong about this election, like a stinging smoke that tried to kill you when you thought about it too much, and there are too many good things in my life right now to be taken three steps back because of politics. I did vote, but the rest was not good for me, I have enough to worry about!
      Haha, I know, I’ll probably never entirely lose that French accent, but I’m trying very very hard!!! Who knew Ls were so hard to make, I was so sure my only problem were the Rs!
      I did bring on the waffles and got a nice pie from the neighbors! Looks like I wasn’t the only one trying not to focus on French’s history in the making!

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  5. I’m not sure if the UK has a mental health awareness month but May is also ME awareness month and I normally bore people with posts about it on Facebook but I forgot! I’m quite lucky that I rarely have down days and if I do feel down it usually only lasts a few hours. Ah elections…know exactly how you feel and am currently bracing myself for more Tory rule after our election next month. Keeping my fingers crossed that the lesser of two evils wins in France xxx


      1. It can be difficult but you kind of get used to it, it just becomes your reality if that makes sense? It can be incredibly irritating though!
        We are indeed in a funny time and people seem to have list their compassion along the way, sadly xxx


  6. hehe well someone should have told me that rule about politics 😉 Or they should have just taught me to learn when to stop talking altogether. But yeah, I think “worse and worst” sums up the French election pretty well- but I’m sure France will make the least bad choice (see what I mean about not being able to keep my mouth shut?!) Anyhoo- yes- happier things. Doing my nails is surprisingly therapeutic!! So good idea!! And reading and blog hopping is always good!! 😀


  7. I think your plan sounds like a good one. Politics is so stressful and sometimes you have to take yourself away from it for a while and do some self care. All of the things on your plan sound perfect for relaxing and de-stressing and I hope they help you. Know that you can always message me for a chat too, I know I’m a bit useless but I do care and will always be here for you. Sending hugs and love your way xxx


    1. I feel since I reached the voting age, things have only gotten worse, and with May being a full month for me, I just did not want to add pressure on my shoulder. I voted, and forgot about it until 8pm to check the name and that France hadn’t made the biggest mistake. It was nice to stay away, and it means I’m selfish, so be it!
      You’re never useless and you’ve helped me go through bad days ❤ I need my lovely Hayley around and it's a relief to know you're only a message away 🙂 Lots of hugs xxxxx

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      1. It’s absolutely not selfish in any way – sometimes we need to have time away from politics and real life stuff and make a little bubble where we can try and just relax and escape.
        Thank you for saying that – I’m a bit useless at replying to messages and stuff but I hope you know I’m always here if you ever need me. Hugs to you too xxx


  8. “I can’t recall one of our candidates mentioning the subject of mental illnesses. Security, terrorism, money. Oh, they love those!” I am just so tired of the global politics circus… they spend money on destruction, and never have a cent to actually bring about positive change!
    Anyway… before I further my rant here…
    Thank you for this post- I loved your plan to step away from it all because you’re right… even though ignorance doesn’t bring about change, I find myself agreeing with the statement- ignorance is bliss- more and more when you’re face to face, fighting windmills…


    1. Absolutely! What worries me the most is that no one seems to be passionate and honest about politics anymore. Where the hell will that leave us??
      Thank YOU for reading it 🙂 I just sat down at my desk and wrote whatever came to my mind to free my thoughts of everything.


  9. Love your list. Also high on my list: cuddles (wanted or not) with your pets :-). I hate politics and I think it’s the same everywhere. We don’t have a president so that’s not a choice but choosing the political parties here is the same. We vote for someone else but then they need a coalition and choose a party that you really didn’t want. Urgh.


    1. CUDDLES!! I had lots of them and did not even think of adding them to the list!!! I’m such a bad mom!!!!
      Politics have gone the wrong way at some point, and I don’t know how and if we can make it back to something more… well, something better and different.

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  10. Oh I didn’t know it was Mental Health month in May, I guess you really do learn something new every day. 🙂 I understand how the election is probably a big thing on your mind right now, it probably will be for me when the general election comes around in the UK but I hope everything goes well and it sounds like you have some good plans for now to keep it off your mind.
    I’ve started painting my nails again and I love it, definitely a perfect activity for relaxing and just making your nails look really pretty. Also I think TV shows will really help as well! 😀


    1. I wish it was more advertised! It’s so important! There’s such a gap between doing such an awareness month and NOT talking about it!
      The election was too much and as I wasn’t okay with either candidate because it means a worst situation for me in the future, I just had to let go and take a step back 🙂
      Painting your nails is so difficult, especially with the hand you use the less! I still need practice not to put it on the skin, haha!

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      1. Well yeah I agree with you there. I would have loved to know about this before and if you hadn’t written this post I probably wouldn’t have realised at all.
        Sometimes that’s for the best I guess. If there’s no winning all you can do is take a step back.
        Yeah I find that too, also I’m really clumsy so more often than not I drop the brush, and normally right after I’ve dipped it back in the polish. Nothing can get nail polish out of carpets I’ve since learnt! 🙂


  11. This sounds like a brilliant way to spend the day, I hope you managed it!! Plus I’m also a Newsroom lover but in that situation Gilmore Girls all the way 🙂


  12. Ahhh such a cute post! ❤ I'm quite sorry about the current political climate in France (good thing Canada has yet to have a Orange-headed danger button as a prime minister). Hopefully things will get better for your country and for you. Love all the strategies you took/are taking to overcome depression and sadness. HAPPY READING!! 😀


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