Half-Year-ish Top Ten and a Bad Video! #Vlog

Sometimes, you're tired, you don't understand what others tell you, you get slapped with a dish towel when your mother asks you for the seventh time to pass the ketchup. It's just one of those days when you're exhausted and no matter how hard you try, you'll never be at your best. Still, it's a… Continue reading Half-Year-ish Top Ten and a Bad Video! #Vlog

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Suntag: The Mental Health Tag

Remember when I said I was slowly learning about vlogging as I went with the flow? Well, the duration thing did not stick, and this video is even longer than the one before :p Which means you don't need to watch it. But... But I am posting it anyway. Why? Because the subject is close… Continue reading Suntag: The Mental Health Tag

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Suntag!: 10 Things about Me (Vlog)

Happy Sunday! To tell you the truth, I don't really like Sundays. It started when I worried about going back to school the next day, then it was all about shops and everything being closed so there was nothing to do, and now I've discovered the countryside is invaded by rude people every weekend... So… Continue reading Suntag!: 10 Things about Me (Vlog)

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And… Action! Chocolate’n’Waffles Goes Live!

Guys, I have a revelation for you. I am French! Yes, you probably already know this because of either something I've written here at some point that did not feel natural, or because you've read me complain about it! No more complaining, I'm taking the matter in both hands and adding a little fun to… Continue reading And… Action! Chocolate’n’Waffles Goes Live!