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Work-In-Progress: Becoming by Michelle Obama #audiobook

I am not used to audiobooks! Writing reviews feels so much complicated when you've listened to a story! So bear with me while I tell you about my meeting with Michelle Obama... Author: Michelle Obama Narrator: Michelle Obama Publisher: Random House audio Year: 2018 Length: 19h3min Rating: 5 ⭐️ An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir… Continue reading Work-In-Progress: Becoming by Michelle Obama #audiobook


June (or the biggest month of the year) Wrap-up and a Vacation!

I am now absolutely sure someone is stealing time! It's impossible we're in July already. I usually post my wrap-ups on the last day of the month but... I forgot! Well, I had little motivation to write it because I knew it would be a long one, and then I forgot :p What's New?  First… Continue reading June (or the biggest month of the year) Wrap-up and a Vacation!

Book Reviews

Donna’s Quickies: Pirates, stop Scaring the Slave! @RachelAmphlett @Lfrannyfran

Here comes my second try at mini reviews! I find them very useful and fun, even if I do feel a bit guilty about not reviewing the books properly! Try to decipher the title of the post to know what you'll find inside this post! Title: Scared to Death (Kay Hunter series book 1) Author: Rachel Amphlett Publisher:… Continue reading Donna’s Quickies: Pirates, stop Scaring the Slave! @RachelAmphlett @Lfrannyfran


May Wrap-Up!

May. If I may. May I? May, you've been a rollercoaster. What's New? So much and so little have happened this month! Some days felt they would never end, others ended too quickly. Overall, it's been good. I've been feeling alive.  Remember when I started talking about a Publishing degree? Well, it turned out there… Continue reading May Wrap-Up!

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The Pub Corner: The Art of Reviewing (discussion post)

Hello! It turns out the Orenda Month had a bigger impact on me than I thought and I did not feel like writing... Until today! Instead of a review, I wanted to grab a glass and chat about what I call the Art of Reviewing, or how we blogger put our hearts and souls into… Continue reading The Pub Corner: The Art of Reviewing (discussion post)


March Wrap-up + #OrendaMonth Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Dear March, you have been magical and exhausting, a challenge and a blessing, with your ups and your downs. You stole my hours of sleep but gave me my best blogging time since I started Chocolate'n'Waffles. I am sad to see you leave, but I'm happy we worked well together, even if you tried to… Continue reading March Wrap-up + #OrendaMonth Giveaway Winner Announcement!


This Is The End

I have been listening to Adele and feeling very dramatic this week. Don't be fooled by the title, I am only talking about the end of the year, and with it comes the usual wrap-up! I am combining both December and 2016 wrap-ups before jumping with both feet into my second blogging year. What's New?… Continue reading This Is The End