February 2019 Wrap-Up

The shortest month of the year is ending. Am I the only one who thought February would never end? I am more than ready to wave it goodbye! How about you? What’s New? Challenges. I have decided to test myself and was offered a couple of opportunities I can't miss. Time to write and blog… Continue reading February 2019 Wrap-Up

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Wednesday Light at the End of the Tunnel: Signs You Might Need a Break from Blogging for the Sake of your Sanity!

It’s been two years and eleven months since I launched Chocolate’n’Waffles (applause). During this period, I took two complete breaks; the first in July 2016 after having blogged intensively for six months, and the other earlier this year. Did I feel guilty? Yes. Did it do any good? Yes! Is it okay to put your… Continue reading Wednesday Light at the End of the Tunnel: Signs You Might Need a Break from Blogging for the Sake of your Sanity!

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And… Action! Chocolate’n’Waffles Goes Live!

Guys, I have a revelation for you. I am French! Yes, you probably already know this because of either something I've written here at some point that did not feel natural, or because you've read me complain about it! No more complaining, I'm taking the matter in both hands and adding a little fun to… Continue reading And… Action! Chocolate’n’Waffles Goes Live!

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Meet Quality Pressure

Books aren’t the only ones having to live up to expectations. This is me explaining why the blog suffered from a lack of posts recently, so you don't have to read it! I have been blogging for more than a year. I’m still not over it. I can’t believe it’s been twelve months since my… Continue reading Meet Quality Pressure

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SunTag: The Blogger Recognition Award

I admit it. I avoided this award for a very long time. The first time I was nominated, I was delighted of course, but the blissful feeling was soon replaced by the pressure to give advice. As a baby blogger, I felt there was not much I could share that would be useful to anyone.… Continue reading SunTag: The Blogger Recognition Award

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List #1 : What Keeps Me From Posting More Regularly

Around 3am last night, I was looking for a distraction from my usual flow of middle-of-the-night thoughts when my mind reminded me I had missed my usual Wednesday night blogging party. Oh dread, Oh infamy! My sacred weeknight had been sacrificed. My precious time devoted to writing posts and commenting on the hundred WWW/This Week… Continue reading List #1 : What Keeps Me From Posting More Regularly