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Alert: Favorite book in sight! #FromNowOn by Amelia Henley @MsAmeliaHenley @HQstories #BookTour

I can’t think of a better way to get out of my reviewing slump than with a verbal diarrhoea on a book from my favorite author!!! I have been waiting to share this FOREVER. Can you tell I am excited?

From Now On by Amelia Henley
Publishing by HQ on October 13th 2022

A heartbreaking tragedy.
Charlie left his hometown behind years ago and hasn’t looked back since. These days, with a successful career and a beautiful soon-to-be fiancée, he couldn’t be happier. But when he receives some unexpected news, his life is forever changed.

A life-changing choice.
Suddenly things are falling apart, and now Charlie has to care for his family. How is he supposed to look after a heartbroken little brother and a sullen teenage sister who want nothing to do with him? He’s completely at a loss and knows he can’t do it alone – not without the help of his oldest friend, Pippa.

The chance to start afresh.
As Charlie steps back into his old life, he soon realises it’s only his family who needs fixing, there’s also his relationship with Pippa too. But returning home is a painful reminder of all that he lost and tried so hard to forget. And if Charlie is to fight for what he wants, first he must face up to his own past and decide whether he is ready to let go…

From Amelia Henley, comes a brand-new emotional and uplifting novel about family, love and the hard choices we face to protect the ones we love the most.

Did I like the book?

Did I like having my heart broken, trampled on, squeezed, resuscitated, and filled with waves of emotion? You bet I did! 

Did I enjoy reading it?

Amelia Henley knows all about writing characters. No, wait, she knows about people, here’s the difference between a good writer, and a real author for me. She how to make you care for them. She knows how to convey every nuance. She knows how to sweep you off your feet. I never wanted this book to end. 

What did I feel?

What did I NOT feel would be an easier question to answer! From Now On has everything. Tragedies, including a capital one seemingly the plot’s epicenter but as usual, our talented author reminds us life is made of a multitude of tragedies and happy moments, often blended in the landscape that is our memory. Highs. Lows. Doubt. Confidence. History that can’t be erased. History to be made. 

I warmed up to Charlie almost instantly. We meet him when he’s about to make one of the biggest decisions of his life, not knowing a million other decisions await him in the chapters to come. His vulnerability, his questioning about tying his life to another person’s, his internal struggle about doing the right thing, the good thing, for him or for others. As I learned more about his past, and especially his childhood, I recognized the signs. I too was a child with a parent that recreated a life, brand new, with a wife and kids. Where was my place in this picture? I believe if we ever are lucky to get this answer, it can only be in adulthood, and if Mercury is not in retrograde!!!! Charlie is a beautifully complex character who gets thrown into the unknown with two siblings he barely knows and a hole in his heart where the words of everything left unsaid echo over and over. 

He had plans. A career, a partner with the same goals as his, a move to New York. But then life did its life thing and laughed at his plans. We should know by now that plans rarely go well… Luckily it also doesn’t often go as bad as in this case!!! Suddenly he is faced with a big choice. Go ahead with his plans, or go with the new flow? I will not go into details as I hate all kinds of spoilers but I must say at this point in the book, you’ll probably have a strong idea of what Charlie should do. But would you? I ADORED how Amelia Henley played this out, never giving in to the simple way, as we human beings are anything but simple. Instead, she lets the eternal reason VS heart game play out, each player punching hard until Charlie is ready. Because it’s all about being ready. Or not being ready but owning it and showing up. Because life is about showing. I have no idea if this review makes sense, my head is all over the place. My heart is still reeling. 

Where was I? Yes, choices. The problem with many choices is that they never only affect us. Those around us get to deal with the aftermath too. 

Charlie is not the only amazing character in this novel. Whether you like them or not, each of them has a part to play, and none of them is all white or all black. 

Do you think it’s easy for a little kid and a teenager filled with angst to suddenly have to live and get to know their brother? Oh, those two broke my heart and picked up the pieces, putting them back together with their cuteness and innocence. I felt fiercely protective of them, and don’t anyone come near them!!! Far from clichés, Duke and Nina felt more real than real, their feelings oozing over the pages in a kid’s messy yet beautiful way.

Change comes, whether we want it or not, and sometimes, yes sometimes we get the opportunity to make something good out of it. Amelia Henley’s sensitivity makes From Now On truly outstanding in terms of understanding others… and ourselves. We believe things about ourselves that may be tainted, same for what we project towards those around us, and it feels good when a book is so amazingly written that it reminds you to stop and check in, once in a while. From Now On is about reconnecting with yourself and the author did a stellar job in creating a realistic and breathtaking tale around it. 

How would I describe it?

Heart-wrenching, family-oriented, magnificently executed, sharply emotional

Anything else to add?

Grab this book and every other novel by Amelia Henley! 

The book is out on OCTOBER 13TH! Let me make it even easier for you, simply click on the link! FROM NOW ON

My thanks to HQ for letting me be part of the book tour, and to Amelia for always, always filling my bookish heart with the best.


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