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Little Bird: The Blackbird by Tim Weaver

Happy Friday! I am thrilled to share my thoughts on my very first venture into the world of David Raker…

The Blackbird by Tim Weaver
Published in 2022 by Michael Joseph

Just before the crash, Cate and Aiden Gascoigne are recorded on CCTV, laughing and happy. Then their car plunges into a ninety-foot ravine.

Within seconds, the vehicle is an inferno – and the Gascoignes are trapped inside.

But when fire crews arrive, they find something impossible:

The vehicle is empty.

Cate and Aiden have vanished.

And only missing persons investigator David Raker can solve the mystery . . .

➡️ Did I like the book?

My first foray into the Raker series and I am not disappointed! In fact, I am wondering how on Earth am I so late to this party? 

➡️ Did I enjoy reading it?

I felt The Blackbird read like a thriller/action movie. Not a dull moment, scenes that don’t seem related at first, a mix of everything, a lot of adrenaline and brain work. The fast-paced writing was delightful to read. 

➡️ What did I feel?

I have a thing for missing person cases. I think it’s the not-knowing. I can’t think of many other scenarios as terrible as this one. The author really captured that feeling of helplessness from the family and Raker’s determination intrigued me. The premise sounded so impossible. One couple, one road, one car, a few minutes. No bodies. I had a little voice in my head repeating “people don’t just vanish into thin air, unless you’re in a supernatural show”  but no matter how hard I thought about it, the facts were there and they didn’t offer any explanation. Now, I don’t like impossible things so I was hoping Raker would find the crack and make things clearer… Well it got a lot muddier!!!! It did not take long for things to escalate and for threads to be added to the main plot, taking me down weird and dangerous roads. The questions piled up and I was hoping the author would not let me down. There is nothing worse than an unsatisfying ending and no answers! Don’t worry, the book delivers! I must admit I had to suspend my disbelief to make all the hows and whys work as the big picture simply felt too big to be possible, but hey, don’t they say the bigger the lies the more people believe? The Blackbird gives you a great example of that!

Meeting Raker in a book when he goes from the man hired to investigate a couple’s disappearance to a face on TV was powerful. I got a grasp of who he was and the bits and pieces from previous books only made me want to get to know him better. 

➡️ How would I describe it?

Riveting, highly entertaining

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can get your copy on Amazon!

I’d like to thank Jen at Michael Joseph for inviting me to be part of the book tour and for providing me with a digital copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.


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