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Will You Dodge The Bullet? #TheDarkFlood by Deon Meyer @MeyerDeon @HodderBooks @soph_ransompr 

The Dark Flood by Deon Meyer translated by K.L Seegers
Published by Hodder Books on April 14th 2022
Crime Fiction

➡️ Did I like the book?

There’s always a little bit of pressure when you pick up a book from a well-known international author. Will the magic work on me? I am glad to report that The Dark Flood by Deon Meyer lived up to the author’s rightly deserved reputation! (Insert little happy music here because I get it in my head every time it happens!) 

➡️ Did I enjoy reading it?

Foreign words, streets and cities, gunshot powder, power, mystery, scandal, corruption, so much delight packed in a single novel! Reading this book felt like tugging at a thread only to see little knots appear. “What’s that?” “Where does it come from?” “How does everything relate?????” I was afraid I’d be a little lost, away from the places and cops I know, but Deon Meyer made his characters and his story feel welcoming and absolutely gripping. 

➡️ What did I feel?

Thrown in a stunning Afrikaan storm! Deon Meyer shows the big guns straight away with an explosive start. The police’s Hawks unit is caught in an armed incident, everything is happening at once, the author’s pen takes you through each minute and right off you get a strong vibe of camaraderie within the unit

Then the aftermath strikes and Detectives Griessel and Cupido are blamed for the mess-up and sent to the corner to think about their actions (the corner here being the city of Stellenbosch!) Away from their colleagues and usual cases, Stellenbosch doesn’t feel as bad as they thought. They even land quite an interesting case… and then two. Busy days are ahead and my, they manage to paint a clear, sometimes scary, image of South African police work. The stunning writing does justice to the characters and the country’s histories, blending suspense, humor, and culture in a unique and powerful way. 

If you think you’ve got the gist, think twice! Here comes realtor Sandra Stenberg, with no apparent connection to Griessel and Cupido’s case but finding herself in a difficult situation. I LOVED trying to connect the dots and not making it haha! 

My favorite part must be the relationship between Griessel and Cupido. With such a dark background, Deon Meyer’s skilfully drawn protagonists bring a sense of respect, some fun, and one of the best friendships in crime fiction. Their loyalty to each other and to their police work gave me hope throughout the novel.

I had no idea this novel was part of the series and sailed through the plot without any issues, but now I do want to go back and read everything! 

➡️ How would I describe it?

Sharp, captivating, my first Deon Meyer and not the last! 

➡️ Anything else to add?

I am definitely coming back to South Africa with Deon Meyer very soon!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can grab your copy here!

Thank you to Sophie Ransom for inviting me to take part in the tour and to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book!


2 thoughts on “Will You Dodge The Bullet? #TheDarkFlood by Deon Meyer @MeyerDeon @HodderBooks @soph_ransompr ”

  1. It does appear that every time a policeman is demoted/put somewhere that they can’t possibly mess up, that things always take a turn for the worse.

    It doesn’t matter if it is Rebus in Edinburgh, Adamsberg in Paris or Griessel in Stellenbosch.

    You’d think that the senior guys would have wised up by now.

    Thanks for the review, I will give it a go.

    Liked by 1 person

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