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Rest and Relax: The Sanctuary by Charlotte Duckworth @QuercusBooks @charduck #BookTour

The Sanctuary by Charlotte Duckworth
Published by Quercus Books on March 31st 2022

➡️ Did I like the book?

The author had me at “yoga retreat” 🧘‍♀️ I have been on a few retreats myself and have loved them so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to read a thriller including one! I am delighted to let you know this book delivered!

➡️ Did I enjoy reading it?

The change of POVs per chapter was a great way to give the plot momentum while letting the reader get glimpses of each woman’s life along with their issues. I enjoyed the rhythm of the book and found it worked quite well to let secrets simmer until…!

➡️ What did I feel?

I had a bad feeling about this retreat! 🤣 First, gathering pregnant women and their hormones in a secluded place? Are you crazy??? Okay, the idea of an exclusive retreat for pampering and preparing the baby’s arrival is good… on paper! Well, not even on paper if you let Charlotte Duckworth in charge, haha! 🤣

Each mother is facing specific hardships: two sisters with very different lives, a surprise pregnancy for a wife who is already struggling with her two boys, and a woman under the shadow of the past. All of different ages, with unique stories, and lots of secrets. Even the woman running the retreat has bodies in her closet! Bring them all together in one place and watch the truth poison the place!

I found the author’s way of dealing with motherhood and parenthood very interesting. She doesn’t shy away from the hard questions and topics. Yet, even if soon-to-be? babies are at the center of the book, the author doesn’t allow you to forget this is a thriller. More questions are raised with each chapter, and the idyllic trip quickly turns into quite a dark ride. There was quite a lot to keep in mind, who’s doing what and such, but after a while, you keep track of each mother’s story more easily.

Some bits required me to suspend my disbelief but I found The Sanctuary to be an enjoyable read.

➡️ How would I describe it?

Intriguing, high on secrets, not as relaxing as in the yoga retreat advert!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’d like to thank Quercus Books for inviting me to be part of the tour!

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