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Book Aid For Ukraine Auction @hayleyemmasteed @soph_ransompr

Happy Friday, bookworms and lovely friends!

Today I’m sharing something a bit different.

We’ve all been watching the news, and I have witnessed amazing gestures of help and solidarity for the Ukrainian people. It really gives me hope in a time when things are so grim and terrible. I have been trying to do my part, as small it may be, so I was happy when Sophie Ransom emailed me about the fantastic Book Aid Ukraine Auction created by the great literary agent Hayley Steed.

Have you heard of this great opportunity to help?

At the time I am writing this, the auction has already raised over £31,000!!! Hayley has been doing an amazing job at gathering prizes from all over the book world. I can only say “Wow” and “How can I help???”

Now, the goal is to get to £40,000 and we have until March 20th to make it happen.

So what can we do?


You can check all the items available for the auction here:

Items include signed copies by popular authors, sets of books from publishers, aspiring writers can find zoom sessions with publishers, literary agents and authors – plus tea with Ann Cleeves in Vera country, a name in Peter James’s next book, luxury goods, a celebration in Edinburgh and lunch with Jeremy Bowen…

I am grateful to Hayley for showing the book world cares and for doing a fantastic job. Industries can feel detached from issues, you know, “all about the money, making money, nothing else matters but the number of items sold” but here, we have the proof the book industry has a heart and is not afraid to show up.

All the money raised will be donated to British Ukrainian Aid.

Thank you to Hayley and Sophie, and to everyone who is donating items or bidding on them 💙💛


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