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Watch Your Back: One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner @lisagardnerbks @centurybooksuk @Rachel90Kennedy

I don’t think my blogging year could have had a better start! I loved Frankie when I met her in Before She Disappeared and was over the moon to learn she’d be back. Now… I am kicking off the tour for the second book featuring this amazing character and I can’t wait for you to read it too!

One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner
Published by Cornerstone on January 20th 2022

The first book featuring Frankie was at the top of my best reads for 2021 so when I heard about One Step Too Far, I jumped. I wanted to meet Frankie again. But would it be as good as the first time? 

I should not have worried as Lisa Gardner knows what she’s doing… 

Did I like the book?

I FREAKING LOVED EVERY WORD. I read a lot of crime fiction, therefore I am pickier with every title. This one just hit all my happy buttons. I will be recommending it forever. I mean it. 

Did I enjoy reading it?

According to my Fitbit, I went through rough patches, with my heartbeat reaching peaks without my butt moving from the couch! Are you looking for some adrenaline boosts? You’re at the right place! Do you want your brain to try and solve a situation that is just so much more than a missing person case? I say treat it to this book. Do you want your heart to be ripped out of your chest? Grab One Step Too Far!

Warning: one of the characters is a dog and SPOILER don’t read the next line if you don’t wanna know:
she makes it out alive. 

So yes, in a nutshell, I enjoyed it. A lot. Too much for my Fitbit to cope. 

What did I feel? 

A good thriller needs strong characters. Believable ones. Ones you will care for, or be suspicious of. Ones you may relate to. Ones who will find a way to reach you. This novel’s wealth resides its array of protagonists. I flew through the story within 24 hours while the plot pans out through a short period of time, and yet… I experienced it all with the characters. I grew even fonder of Frankie, our main character who finds herself looking for lost ones. Her wit, her humor, her realness, she pokes at existential questions one minute and shares a crazy bad joke the next. What’s not to love? I want to hug her and never let go, but that’s not how it goes…

As for everyone else… Daisy, Nemeth, Bob, Martin, Luciana, Neil… They all have lessons to learn and lessons to teach. Lisa Garden’s sharp eye on humankind and our motives, weaknesses, and strengths are absolutely exceptional and she uses it expertly to write the most immersive thrillers. 

How would I describe it?

Intense, physically and emotionally. Beautifully crafted. Tragically human. Riveting. 

Anything to add?

Some gory details had me regret having dessert!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You can pre-order your copy now! Amazon /

Thanks so much to Rachel for feeding my addiction and for inviting me to kick off this tour! This review is my unbiased opinion.

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