Cover Reveal

Boom: #RockdownInLockdown by @ISayItsAdam #CoverReveal

There’s a special thrill that accompanies each event of a book series you’ve followed from the beginning. Book blogging has been on the back burner for a while but I could not miss out on the opportunity to support Adam Maxwell today to reveal the cover of his next book in the Kilchester series!

What is Rockdown in Lockdown about?

Violet Winters was a master criminal. A one-woman crimewave. Until lockdown happened. Now she’s stuck in the house catching up on box sets and ordering crap off the internet. 

And then she finds out about The Lakehouse. A former rehab facility, the residents have been thrown out and replaced with a roll-call of some of the most dangerously stupid celebrities in this hemisphere all indulging in a torrent of excess while the rest of the world cowers in their beds.

And that doesn’t sit well with Violet. 

At the centre of The Lakehouse is a vault and inside… the combined riches of every one of these over-privileged idiots. Violet hatches a cunning plan to pull off an audacious robbery and begins by planting a man on the inside.

But when does anything ever go to plan? 

With a social media starlet hell-bent on revealing Violet’s identity to her millions of followers and a deranged MMA fighter on their trail things rapidly go from bad to worse.

If she can pull off the world’s only socially-distanced heist, it will be the stuff of legend.

If she can’t she might very well end up floating face-down in the lake.

Rockdown in Lockdown is the latest book in the Kilchester series. It mixes high-octane heist shenanigans with sharp, surreal wit.

Who is the author?

Note from Meggy: Adam is one of a kind! Fun, kind, and extremely talented, he is one of my favorite book people! Now off to his official bio!

Crime writer. Idiot. Genius. Liar. Adam Maxwell is at least three of these things. 

Adam lives in the wilds of Northumberland with his wife, daughter and an increasingly irritated cat. If you wave to him there is every chance he will consider waving back. 


The giveaway

Rockdown in Lockdown will be published on January 20th 2022 and the author is giving away signed copies of the hardback edition (shipping anywhere in the world!!!).

To enter all you need to do is visit Adam’s website and everyone who enters will receive a free Kindle copy of the Kilchester Christmas short story ‘Come On Steal The Noise’.


I just LOVE Adam’s covers and this one is no exception!

The pre-order

Rockdown in Lockdown is available to pre-order now as an ebook, with real-book pre-orders arriving any minute!


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