The Positivity Wave

Happy Saturday #ThePositivityWave n°87

Welcome to today’s positivity wave! My remedy against feeling down is to make a list of all the good things in my life. It can be anything. Really, anything. The smallest gesture from a stranger can change your day, if you open your eyes. Now, I am a pessimistic woman and I need daily reminders to look for the bright side. Maybe you are too, or maybe the state of our world is weighing on you. In any case, here’s your shot at some happy things!

  • I FINALLY found a vision board! I’m ready to add it all the things that inspire me 🥰
  • Have you ever fallen in love with a nuts bar? I have! This is sooooo good!
  • New exciting and creative plans for the blog and Instagram account! More on this later! *adds suspenseful music*
  • I am having a marvellous time reading Alonement by Francesca Specter. First, her name reminds me of Suits. Second, her book is forcing me to reconsider alone-time and self-care, and I think we all need this. I’m halfway through, trying to use all the tools from the chapters, and it’s crazy how small changes or tweaks can have a huge impact on your well-being.
  • Walking in Bordeaux one sunny afternoon….
  • Treated myself to some pastries. Between work, new workouts for my (non-existent for now) abs, and the stresses of life, we deserve some sugar, don’t we?
  • Last night, for the first time, I managed to take off my contact lenses ON THE FIRST TRY! 😅😂 (let’s not talk about how I lost my contact lens this morning and had to use a new one…)
  • Dog moments happened ❤️
  • A storm happened too, and we lived through it.
  • A friend’s call. Sometimes it’s all it takes to feel better.
  • Fearless Taylor’s Version was released and yes, there’s been LOTS OF SINGING. Lots. I mean it. I’m singing while writing this.
  • New very cheap mugs! You can never have enough mugs. I’ve been trying to drink more water and it only just occurred to me to use my mugs to help. No tea. Just water. Whoop whoop, let’s do this!
  • A new header. I love it!

That’s it for this week! Be kind, stay safe, and enjoy the little moments!

Meggy xx

15 thoughts on “Happy Saturday #ThePositivityWave n°87”

  1. I love your new header! I have a favourite chocolate bar, but I have to limit how often I buy it. Always love your puppy pictures. How awesome does walking in Bordeaux sound, amazing. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend Meggy.


  2. Well done on the contacts I guess it will take time to get used to them properly. Definitely we need some sugar especially if you’re doing ab exercises! Good luck with that. Great for core strength but hard going.
    My happy moments include Easter eggs and flowers, a home made hot cross buns pudding I made and enjoyed very much.
    The sun is out which makes everything look better and brighter.
    Books tea and crafts. 😊📚
    Have a great week Meggy.
    Love Amanda xx


  3. Ooo lots of greatness this week again. I love the new mugs and very clever of you, if this doesn’t help to drink more water, I don’t know what does! I also looove your new header, such nice colours and beautiful photos, although you could’ve used the one eating that delicious looking pastry too as a reference to your blog name. Yumm!


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