Ultimatum by John Anderson @CayellePub @CayellePublishing @lovebookstours #Excerpt

When alien delegate Charlie was sent down to Earth, he never imagined the humans would comply with his demands. He wanted to give humanity a chance to eradicate all the wrong in the world by eliminating discrimination, hate, greed, immorality, and envy. The only way he believed they would comply was to threaten their entire existence by an alien invasion takeover. He would give them 10 years to right all the wrong and to unify with one another. Even the President of the United States expressed extreme displeasure about the demand. However, stricken with fear, even though the humans didn’t want to bend to the threat, they knew there was not much of a choice. Ten years pass…

Did the humans come together to force out the aliens or did the aliens return seeing not much had changed since giving the Ultimatum? Will destruction fall upon Earth obliterating human civilization? 

Welcome to my stop on the book tour for Ultimatum! I have an exciting excerpt to share with you!


“It was pitch black when they first came. The stars and thin sliver of moon that should have been visible were hidden behind a thick, low-laying blanket of clouds. The wind was howling, and the snow threatening.

“Nobody who was there that night could remember when the first confrontation started, but all agreed it was what started the downhill slide in which the Earth soon found itself.

“The appearance of a speck of light in the east soon grew to such an extent that it was impossible to miss or ignore. The people at the bar, situated by itself in an isolated valley, noticed it first, for it shone through the front windows and soon overwhelmed the interior lights, which were always too dim, anyway.

“It threw squares of light on the wall, and glinted off the mirrors and bottles behind the bar counter, causing the barman to screw up his eyes against the glare. Those on the stools in front of the bar noticed that their shadows were appearing on the wall behind the bartender. Thinking it was a jerk with his high beams on, they turned and looked behind them.

“The light grew more intense, to the point that they had to turn away and shut their eyes, for even the reflected light off the mirrors on the back wall was too painful to look at without squinting. Many noticed that the room temperature had risen, going from mildly uncomfortable to scorching in a short period. They unfastened their winter jackets and flannel shirts, and removed them, leaving the men, and one woman, wearing only T-shirts. They soon realized that was a mistake, for the exposed skin began to darken. And in the case of an old man, his crepe-like skin began to form blisters, which burst, giving the impression that his skin was boiling off his arms.

“Then everyone began to broil, as if in an oven. Water tossed on their skin evaporated immediately, and did little, if anything, to cool the skin. Most draped their winter coats over the exposed parts of their bodies, which gave some relief. But the temperature was still rising, and it became more and more difficult to breathe as they took in what felt like super-heated desert air from Death Valley.

“Two of the older men passed out from heat exhaustion, and the woman’s complaint of feeling faint fell on deaf ears, for they were all trying to look after their own conditions, which were growing more desperate by the second. A couple of the men noticed the paint on the wall had started to bubble and smoke, and the wax in the candles decorating the few tables had already melted into puddles. There seemed no escape, for to try and run outside would have been a death sentence, as the walls of the standalone building at least provided protection.

The book is available on Amazon and the publisher’s website!

Thank you to Love Books Tours for inviting me to take part in this tour!

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