Goodbye February 2021! Reading Wrap-Up

What I read in February

What I reviewed in February

I was lucky to write reviews about some fantastic reads this month. Thank you so much for your support and the great interactions we’ve had again!

The Five-Star Reads!

Sabotage is one of those wee non-fiction books that can really help you make changes in your life. Our inner voice is never 100% kind to us, so let Sabotage help with it!

The review

Victoria Park is the walk you need, the touch of freedom that is missing in our lives at the moment.

The review

Here comes the 4.5-star reviews!

Right after Victoria Park, I got the chance to get a wonderful, warm, and much-needed dose of kindness. This novel has been shortlisted by The Samaritans for one of their well-being boxes, and I assure you it is perfect for it!

The review

I spy with my eye… The 4-star reviews!

Such an excellent psychological thriller with hard truths at its core!

The review

A brilliant listening experience!

The Review

Hello, 3.5-star reviews!

Literary but not boring, tastes like classic but better!

The review

An interesting case and light shed on some very dark things happening!

The review

What are the best books you read in February?

Stay safe, be kind, and enjoy the little moments!

Meggy x

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