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Eyes Wide Open: #TheEvidence by K.L. Slater @KimLSlater @midaspr @audibleuk @amberachoudhary #BookTour

Title: The Evidence
Author: K.L. Slater
Publisher: Audible UK
Date of publication: 11 February 2021
Format: Audiobook
Length: 9 hrs and 1 min
Narrated by: Clare Corbett, Rachel Atkins, Alexandra Afryea, David Holt

When a killer’s podcast reveals more than the truth….

Esme is a start-up success who runs her own successful media company and heads up a series of investigative podcasts. She also has a beautiful home, where she lives with her sister, Michelle, and her son, Zachary. Sure, there’s an ex-husband hanging around – Owen likes to pop round a bit too often – but everything is civilised and amicable. She has life all tied up.

But Esme knows that any successful podcaster is only as good as her last story, so she sets out on a new series of interviews to get to the truth behind Simone Fischer’s high-profile murder of her husband. Self-defence, crime of passion or coldly pre-meditated?

She emerges after one jail visit to discover that her sister has been viciously attacked and is in a coma. And so begins the unravelling of Esme’s life. Where she thought there was trust and loyalty, she slowly discovers deceit and betrayal. No one is quite who they seem – not even her closest family. 

As the podcast interviews plunge deeper into revealing the unnerving psychology of a murderer, Esme must try to keep her own sanity intact. The truth – about Simone and Esme’s own family – is there, if Esme can only find it. But will her investigations reveal more than she ever wanted to know?

This taut psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Serial and Kathleen Barber’s Truth Be Told.

I can never resist K.L. Slater’s books, either in print or audio. She is one of my auto-buy authors. The main reason why is because she always surprises me. She takes familiar thriller ingredients and mixes them in a way that feels refreshing and exciting, or she goes down a path that I was not expecting and offers a deliciously thrilling ride.

The Evidence belongs to the latter category. Esme is a journalist who has created a podcast. Her first subject is controversial and risky. It can make or break her business. Esme is also a mother, caring for a son who suffered a trauma. She is a sister, working with her sibling. She is a wife, estranged from her husband. A lot is going on in her life!

If at first, I wondered about her private life being at the center of the stage, I was soon reminded that nothing is left to chance with K.L. Slater. I You get the right details at the right moment, even if you are not aware of it. The author’s smooth narrative flow allows for a great balance between descriptions and action, so you never feel like the story is dragging.

I admit I was extremely curious about Esme’s podcast. I have read a few books including a podcast but this time, it was an audiobook, and the power of it was greater. It changed everything for me, although I am sure I would have enjoyed The Evidence in its printed form. I must applaud the narrators for their amazing performance. You can feel the change between the written word and the podcast. Esme’s voice is full of her emotions and feels so real that I truly felt I was listening to her episodes along with other listeners. I got to know the journalist as much as I got to meet Simone Fischer, the woman at the center of Esme’s first series. Simone is in prison for killing her husband. Esme wants to give her the chance to make her audience understand her side. Such a high-profile case is bound to make waves, but neither Esme nor myself imagined how big they would be!

While you are left to your own devices to interpret the podcast episodes and Simone’s interviews, you also get to see Esme’s life crash into a wall. One woman’s life is unraveled, one woman’s life is unravelling, right in front of your eyes… or rather your ears. While her first episode is going very well and she’s planning for the future of her company, Esme received a terrible news. Something happened to her sister Michelle. Now, that’s when my little reader’s heart and my publishing eye cringe, as I felt the blurb revealed too much of what was going on. I will not give anything away because it would be robbing you of a very interesting and captivating point: finding what and why! If the what is clearly spelled out in the blurb and later in the story, the why is perfectly hidden underneath layers of deceit and lies, and the shock of it left me speechless. I didn’t give the author the nickname of Queen of Unforeseeable Twists for nothing!

Esme’s work with Simone Fischer forces her to reassess her relationships, but with a fragile son, a pushy husband, and Michelle. A shift happens along the way and if Esme knows only too well that a successful podcast requires long hours, sacrifices, and keeping an eye on the ball at all times, events push and pull our main character in so many directions that I sometimes feared she would fall apart.

The Evidence. The title is a double sword, sharp and bloody. Everything is right in front of us, if only we were brave enough to see.

This novel is a very clever psychological thriller blending a personal and professional investigation to shed light on all the dark secrets held in darkness. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to anyone who is looking for an engaging listen!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I loved it!

You can get the audiobook here!

I would like to thank Amber for inviting me to be part of this book tour and for providing me with a free copy of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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