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Chocolate’n’Waffles Is Five Years Old! #Giveaway #Blogiversary #Milestone

I have been wondering what this book should be about for a full week now. An assessment of my 2020? Of the last five years? A guide to my favorite books since I started blogging? A simpler new year post? All about me? Ha!

All of the above?

To find inspiration, I went back to January 2016 and read my very first post. Then I had light bulb moment. Why not update this old post? Let’s see what has changed!

I could say I’m an English student.

*insert laughter* Wow, a lot has changed here! Five years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I was happy to study languages. The previous months had showed me I could handle 35 hours of classes a week, a student job, a dog to love and take care of, a life in a different country… before I hit a wall called agoraphobia. I owe this bump in the road where I am today.

Am I still a student? No, but I graduated from university with a Bachelor in English and Japanese applied to Business, and later got my degree in Publishing. Not too shabby! In the meantime I discovered there was a career to be had within the book world, and a place for me in the UK.

Today I am a Social Media Manager, and an Editorial and Marketing Assistant. I guess I’m an adult! … Only a few hours a day.

I could tell you I am French.

Well, I am still French!

Did I mention the fact I am a girl?

Still true, too!

My dog is the love of my life, I am (sometimes) funny, always working (what’s a day off?), awesome and crazy.

Ha, a bit of change!

I am still always working, I’m still awesome, and still crazy 🤣 But I now have two doggies, the best things that ever happened to me.

What else?

When I created Chocolate’n’Waffles, I thought I’d throw a bit of everything here. Some cooking, some reading, some beauty stuff. It turned out differently, as my content is 99% boookish. But looking back, I am proud to also have added posts about mental health, and a positivity feature that always makes me smile. But reaching five years of blogging is more than just about blogging… Does this even make sense??? It does to me!

What have I learned in the last five years?

  • Don’t settle for less.
  • There are ways to handle your self-sabotaging.
  • Flying is the best form of transport.
  • Better alone than with bad company.
  • Blogging is great, as long as you remember it is your hobby, not a job!
  • Friendships are the gold that make life shine.
  • Challenges are not meant to bring me down, but teach me to test what I believe are my limits.
  • I can’t live without Taylor Swift songs.
  • My reading with grow with me, and help me grow.
  • Running is actually fun.
  • I don’t have unlimited energy, so I must choose wisely.
  • Have fun.
  • We are constantly changing, and it’s up to us to decide where to go next.
  • Bookstagram is fun.
  • There is no such thing as too many books.
  • Don’t dwell on your mistakes, learn from them.

Not too bad. Do I’m proud to say HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY to me! And THANK YOU to everyone who is on this journey with me. Everything would be less fun without you, guys. Bloggers, authors, friends, I’m lucky to have met amazing people, and I’m grateful for your kindness and support.

Oh, this post is too long!

Wait, one more thing!

We can’t pretend 2020 was easy, but I am worried. Everyone is relieved 2021 is here, and I’m with you, but… Let’s not put too much pressure on this new year, or we will end up disappointed. Why not simply see what’s coming our way? I don’t have expectations for this new chapter, I’m only hoping it will be kinder to everyone. And filled with books, obviously!

Okay, I’m done! Now for the fun thing!

Giveaway time! My first giveaway without any affiliation to a publisher or company! (saying this as if I’ve been doing so many giveaways!)

To thank you for still being here, new or old friend, you can win a book of your choice (up to £10) as long as Book Depository ships to your country!

(sorry, European friends, Brexit means the website has cancelled all possibilities to ship to the EU 😭)

Simply go check my pinned tweet!

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