Ciao April! #WrapUp #BookoftheMonth

What did I review in April?

Time to catch up if you missed one of this month’s reviews!


I love Jane Fallon so much. I think she’s the queen of escapism for me. No blood, just life, tears, fun, amazing characters, and always, always the Jane touch.

Whirligig has a special place in my heart for different reasons – and I feel so honored to have been asked to give a quote for the jacket 🙈❤️

Afraid of the Light has its own category, it’s a mind-blowing anthology with a big heart.

Those three books made my reviewing month so wonderful. I had fun writing about them and hope you enjoyed the reviews!

Queen Bee


Afraid of the Light

Fantastic read!

Three very different novels, three amazing books, and no crime!

Out of Touch

The Little French Recipe Book

How to Marry Your Husband

Great book!

Despite all I read about not reading about the virus, I picked up Lockdown and it really gripped me. It somehow made what we’re living more… normal? The police work created a backdrop I am familiar with so the pandemic side felt easier to digest.

All the News was a real breath of fresh air. Good journalism!

Payback is the best choice if you need an original team.

In Servitude is a captivating audiobook, I really enjoyed it and the narrator is perfect (brilliant Scottish accent!)


All the News


In Servitude

Had a good time with this book

Bitter Wash Road was such an interesting read. I couldn’t tear myself away from it. A lone police officer in a nest of snakes, who could resist?

The Fallout made me happy not to be a mom, haha!

Bitter Wash Road

The Fallout

Book of the Month

I missed this part of my wrap-up posts recently, silly me. Or clever me because the choice is HARD! Only this month, there are three 5 star books I want to give the award to! But one of them if a tiny bit more special…

*drum roll*

It HAS to be Afraid of the Light. Fourteen excellent brains coming together for an unforgettable anthology? This should be the book any crime fiction lover has on their shelf. I mean it! On top of it, all royalties go to Samaritans. Isn’t it just perfect?

Which books were added to my shelves?

That’s it for April! I’ve read more than I thought I would, but still don’t post my reviews straight away so when I write those wrap-ups, I feel I’ve been lazy, haha!

Have a wonderfully bookish May, and take care of yourself!


17 thoughts on “Ciao April! #WrapUp #BookoftheMonth”

  1. With three 5 star reads, how are you ever going to make your end of the year list? Such a great month for reading you had and what’s more, it seems like you have pretty amazing books to read too. I’m sooo attracted to that cover of Adele Parks, I really should give this author a try soon! Happy reading Meggy!


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