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I Do…n’t? #HowToMarryYourHusband by Jacqueline Rohen @dippyjax @alicefspencer @arrowpublishing #BlogTour

Title: How to Marry Your Husband
Author: Jacqueline Rohen
Publisher: Cornerstone
Genre: romance
Date of publication: May 1st 2020
Format: ebook
Number of pages: 464

Rachel vowed that she would love David for better or worse…

But when she spots him kissing another woman, she knows their marriage is over.

And she’s determined to get her revenge through divorce.

The trouble is, her romantic destination wedding wasn’t exactly legal.

So if she wants to divorce her husband she’ll have to marry him first…

But as Rachel recreates the magic of their early days in a bid to lure David back down the aisle again
will it bring back long-lost feelings for him too?

I had to read the title twice. How To Marry Your Husband. Wait. Say that again. If he’s your husband, you’re married already… right? Have I missed a rule about marriage??

It turned out I knew all about weddings and family law, but that didn’t mean Rachel couldn’t marry David… Because even though they’ve been living together forever and had a wonderful escape wedding fifteen years ago, they are not legally husband and wife. Imagine discovering this out of nowhere. I would be mad. Scrap this, mad wouldn’t even cover it. And if it wasn’t enough, just before a weekend of celebration for their anniversary, Rachel sees her not-so-hubby kissing another woman. It is fair to say her world is crashing down. Boom.

I took an instant liking to Rachel. Her thoughts and feelings reached me from the pages and my heart beat to the sound of the music played by the range of emotions she went through during her unforgettable journey. She’s the woman next door, kind and happy without getting on your nerves. She has lovely friends. Rachel is what I’d call normal if this word was still in my vocabulary. She could be me, if I ever were to get married.

With all this craziness jumping at Rachel like little baby monsters partying on the shattered parts of her life, I was not expecting to get David’s point of view. I was already on Rachel’s side, calling David names and coming up with evil plans to make him pay. I suppose that was what the author was aiming for, and my goodness, she succeeded! However… David’s point of view made me take a step back. As you read, you go through all events through his eyes too and this switch in perspective changes everything. It is funny what context and details do to a story!

I was happy that for once, there was no clear line between love and hate, between marriage and divorce. Rachel loves David and wonders where it all went wrong. David … I prefer to let you get to know him, but let’s say he is a flawed and interesting character I couldn’t help rooting for. This book is about battles – between people, between you and your feelings, between reality and dream… A fierce battle with the sweetest reward if you’re strong enough to make it to the end.

Utterly entertaining and deeply human, How to Marry Your Husband is a moving and yes, hilarious novel about love and mistakes, about almost perfect, about changes of plans, bumps in the road, and what to make of acid lemons when life throws them in your face. Do you give up on the man you vowed to love till death knocks at your door? Do you try harder to make it work? Is there a way out without too much damage? Jaqueline Rohen explores relationships, the place they take and the bonds they come with. I truly enjoyed reading How to Marry Your Husband, it is the perfect romance with a touch that makes all the difference.

You can get your copy here.

I would like to thank Alice for inviting me to be part of the blog tour. I received a copy of this novel through NetGalley. This review is my unbiased opinion.


21 thoughts on “I Do…n’t? #HowToMarryYourHusband by Jacqueline Rohen @dippyjax @alicefspencer @arrowpublishing #BlogTour”

  1. I was on Rachel’s side just from reading the first paragraph’s of your review but now I’m curious to find out what changed your mind about David. Definitely adding this one to my TBR. Fab review.

    Liked by 1 person

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