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The Sanity Kit, my weapons against the Apocalypse

Scary days require a Sanity Kit. Countries are going into lockdown one after the other. Some people are stupid, most are simply afraid and reasonable. News channels are trying to kill us with worry. I can’t even walk my dogs without a certificate allowing me to!
My first week in isolation is over, and I made a list of all the things that are preventing me from losing it and running outside naked.

So, what do I rely on to keep it together? (This list doesn’t only apply to what is happening now. All items are what usually helps me when a storm is around!)

My baby dogs, obviously.

Whether they want to play, sense I need a cuddle, or force me to move my bum for a walk, I can always count of those two to clear the clouds in my head. Or lick my face until I feel I’ve had the most thorough excoliating facial treatment.


It’s hot here in Bordeaux, but my feet never get the message, so socks are always at hand!


I have 8 piles of paperbacks around my bed and until now, everyone thought I was crazy… HA! Who is laughing now? Confinement has nothing on me because I can fight with all the paperbacks!!!


See above and add some weight!


This one is very important. On top of checking on my family and keeping in touch with my amazing friends, I can order books from indie bookshops! What? I know what I said about my book piles but hey, we need to support each other!

Cereals and tea.

I don’t even need milk! (no, I don’t put cereals in the tea! Who do you think I am????)


Hey, there are 24 hours in a day, believe me, we need the books. So I am mentioning them again.

The Shrek soundtrack.

No way I can stay depressed when belting out those songs. I have made sure they’re on my phone so I can be happy at three am!

Books… in audio version.

When my eyes start itching, I know it’s time for a little change, and what better than a strong audiobook to drown out the bad news?


I think I’ve baked enough for a week… I don’t need much to bake my favorite sweet things, so I keep a list and make sure I don’t run out. Cake is life. Claire’s recipe are ace, check them if you need inspiration!

Comfy blankets and pillows.

It makes it easier to dive into the books if your back or bum don’t hurt!

Books… to reread!


Because my cakes are naked without jam.


I could kiss the faces of my friends appearing on my screen every time I get a notification. Books make sure I am surrounded with friends, but I also need real ones who make you jump with happiness when sending you virtual hugs.


Oh, I love my Kindle!


See above! (that’s the only issue with eBooks… but now that I think of it, I can’t read print books without light either. I need superpowers.)

Albert the mug.

Skincare fun.

You didn’t think I used a picture of me with a face mask on this post’s banner just for fun, did you? I love trying new products, taking the time to enjoy my routine, smell the great things I lather on my face and body. Me-time is important, and what better place to rehearse for the karaoke of your life than your shower??


When I’m not thinking how bad I could hurt someone with my needles, knitting is quite relaxing and perfect to soothe me!

What do you do when The Dark Days are here?
What do you hold on to when there’s a monster under the bed, or you just feel terrible?
Let’s share tips!


29 thoughts on “The Sanity Kit, my weapons against the Apocalypse”

  1. I still have to go to work so my sanity kit are my wonderful colleagues who can find something to laugh about, even in the darkest hours 💙
    Love your list it is just perfect!


  2. OMG I’ve finally found someone who shares my love of the Shrek soundtrack!!! It’s awesome from All Star to Hallelujah!! 🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎤
    I’m going to put it on my phone 🙂

    Thank you for the mention. I think cake and books can get us through this 😊❤😊❤😊🍰


  3. I love this post so much! Here in Portugal we are not completely isolated yet, although we’re mostly working from home and avoiding going to places, and many things are now closed. But I’ve been going to the office (while I still can leave the house!) for a couple of hours everyday to stay on top of work, no-one is there anyway! 🙂

    The worst is still to come, at least here, and I will definitely use many of your tips to entertain myself. I also love doing puzzles! Might need to order a new one soon. Lol


  4. Oh yes that song!! I also have Alleluiah on my phone, it’s a bit less cheerful but always nice to sing along too. I love my purple blanket (currently hogged by my cat who loves it as much as I do so normally I sit with my legs up, then the blanket and then the cat on top of that haha). I love coffee and chocolate for comfort food and I wear soft comfortable clothes if I want to feel better. Great list Meggy, I agree with all of them, I even have a favourite mug too (nothing as fancy as the flamingo tho)!


    1. Hallelujah is just so wonderful ❤ Haha, I have a similar scene here, Iris loves it when I put the blanket on my legs and she settles right in the middle!!! Comfy clothes are key too. I can't be bothered to wear pretty stuff. I do wear a bit of make up though, but only because I look terrible without haha! xx

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  5. Great Sanity Kit! I agree with the e-reader, audiobooks and music. That helps a lot! Since I don’t go out much anymore, I’ve more or less given up socks and I just walk around in flip flops in my house. Love your book piles – you certainly had the last laugh on those! 😀


    1. Thank you 😀 I need some things I can rely on or I go crazy! I wish I could play The Sims 3 but the new Mac OS doesn’t allow it.
      I am so glad my anxiety and fear of running out of books have led me with so many piles! I can stay in this lockdown for months!!! xxx

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  6. It’s amazing that we can connect with people around the world who are in the same boat! I’m thankful every day that this hasn’t affected our utilities or internet!!! For sanity, I just keep repeating that it will be over soon!


  7. I’m getting the impression you are enjoying your books through this lockdown period of terror. I bet even the serial killers can comfort you from the virus! 😉.
    I was just thinking about baking today so thank you for reminder of Claire’s delicious selection of recipes. I will need to make a list so the next time I can food shop I can buy ingredients. Food and books are definetly a comfort at this time.
    Take care Meggy.
    Amanda xx


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