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Something in the Air…

Is it the wafts of illegal drugs you can catch when walking down a street or the smell of mulled wine? I don’t know but I have noticed a peak in blogging happiness. Top of the Year posts pop up like ads for elderly people diapers or expensive shoes.


I like reading blog posts. I often check them, compare the list of titles to my own reading challenge. I sometimes add a book. Or two. Or ten. I relish the joy those books have brought bloggers and readers. The excitement to find a story that stays with you never fails to amaze me. It is a drug. A legal one.


Yet. I feel I am watching this December buzz from afar. My blog has been neglected. My blog-hopping is inconsistent. I want to want to scream about the characters that have made 2019 a fabulous bookish year for me. I want to share your posts. I want to leave comments on every blog.

But I can’t. For many reasons. No time. Tiredness. Life stuff getting in the way. Christmas songs giving me headaches. TV shows suddenly appealing to me like ice-cream on a scorching day. Job hunting. Food hunting…


And it’s okay. It’s okay not to blog every day. It’s okay not to share every day. It’s okay to be totally useless at choosing a Top of the Year list (too many good books!!!!).


This is your Christmas reminder blogging is a hobby that should be pressure-free!


This time of the year can make you feel lonelier than usual, and this is what I am feeling when reading all those tweets, posts, you name it.


Be happy that others are enjoying their time. Don’t forget even the chirpiest posts can hide bad days. Embrace whatever you are feeling. Do what’s best for you. And eat what makes you happy. Oh, and read, if you can!


26 thoughts on “Something in the Air…”

  1. Thanks for the uplifting reminder. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’ve also got a lot of real life stuff to attend to. I personally take at least one or two days off a week from blogging.


  2. Hi Meggy! Didn’t you just move too? Life is a challenge but with difficulties often comes great happiness! Hang in there! As far as reading goes, try listening to a book. It usually gets me out of a funk. Xoxo!


  3. Ah Meggy sending you so much love today and you are so on the nail. This time of year can be hard for so many,many reasons xx


  4. I think this time of year is lonelier for more people than it is happy. And that is a sad thing. Social media is both good and bad for this.
    For me, I will see it as a holiday where I can eat what I want, read, craft and sleep. I hope you find lots of happy moments over the next week or two Meggy.
    I totally agree that blogging is a hobby. My blog has never really got it’s groove back, but I’m ok with that. I enjoy reading and I review when I feel like and have time.
    Lots of love Meggy. Stay in touch over these weeks. xx


    1. I agree. The end of the year is tricky. I will do my best to enjoy those weeks – low expectations and little joys! I think blogging and reading became more of a day work for me as it’s linked to what I want to do, but I need to find ways to be more efficient and take it easy.Sending you the biggest hugs. I promise to annoy you with texts :)xxx


  5. Lovely post, Meggy. I agree with you 100%. Blogging is meant to be a fun hobby and certainly not an obligation. Sometimes, there are just more important things in life! Hope you get a wonderful Christmas break. 🙂


  6. I’m having a break this month and it’s making so happy. I’m only reading what I really want to and I’m not really looking at any blog posts unless they catch my eye on social media. I wished I’d taken a break much earlier and realise I need to have regular breaks to enjoy reading and blogging. Xxx


  7. I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling with feeling like you need to keep up, and feeling lonely. You’ve had a lot going on recently with your big move, it can take a little time to feel properly settled after a big life change.
    I’m so glad you shared this post though because this is pretty much how I feel all the time at the moment too. I’m blogging a lot because I need to fill my days but I don’t manage to comment, share or reply to comments as much as I want to. I feel like I’m on the outside looking in at the blogging world and when I feel like this I distance myself and then I feel even more on the outside. I hope you feel more settled soon, I’m here if you ever want a chat. Sending you a big hug xx


    1. Lots of mixed feelings here with all that’s been happening, so I thought reminding everyone to be gentle with themselves would help 🙂 I am so sorry you’re feeling this way too. I think the end of the year affects us in so many ways, even in our hobbies. I totally understand your feeling, I’m the same. But it shall pass. I’m here if you need, you know it! xxx


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