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HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY @VictoriaSelman & #SnakesandLadders @AliceLutyens @CurtisBrown @AmazonPub

The day has come!

HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY snakes and ladders

Happy book birth day, Snakes and Ladders!!!


Psycho meets Silence of the Lambs

One killer on the loose. Another setting the rules. A profiler caught in the middle.

A serial killer is terrorising London, removing a body part from each victim and leaving in its place a single pink rose.

Dr Vernon Sange, a multiple murderer awaiting extradition, seems to know the culprit’s identity– but he’ll only talk to profiler Ziba MacKenzie, the woman responsible for putting him away. Though there’s something he wants in return from her. And time is running out.

With one killer whispering in her ear and another running rings around the police, Ziba must play a game in which only her opponent knows the rules and the forfeit is death.

“Ziba MacKenzie is tough, smart and funny—I loved her!” —M. W. Craven, author of The Puppet Show

We can now get our copy on Amazon!

I can’t wait to get my book and start reading!

Why do I think you should buy it?

Victoria Selman is an amazing author who has managed to create a multi-layered, complex character, Ziba MacKenzie, who is different from other profilers. The author’s plots are tightly weaved, leaving no room for mercy. The series offers an exceptional dose of emotions, research, psychology, and tension. Don’t miss it!

But the good news is not over… Join us on Twitter!

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More giveaways will be announced as the day goes by, so stay tuned!!!


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