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Preparing Capital Crime: London Live with David Headley @DavidHHeadley @CapitalCrime1 @adamhamdy @midaspr @SophMidas @phoebe_swinburn

September is my birthday month, which means I get to treat myself to even more presents than usual πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡

Months ago, I booked my hotel in Stirling to make sure not to miss Bloody Scotland. And now, I have another bookish reason to be happy… Capital Crime!

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If you are on social media, you must have heard about it. Capital Crime is coming! As the first international crime and thriller festival in London, it will give crime fans a chance to gather, have fun, meet authors. But it is also so much more! We are getting news every week, and with each piece of information, I get more excited!

Today I want to share an interview given by David Headley, one of the founders of Capital Crime. I think it’s important to really understand the goals of the festival, why they decided to go for it, and ultimately, what you’ll be getting when you get there!

Screenshot 2019-07-16 00.17.28.png

Click here to listen to David talk about the festival!

Bookish Gods bless NYC cabs!

I just love that the festival is inclusive and doesn’t rely on books only. I adore the initiative taken by Adam and David to bring the thrills to London, which is a buzzing and inspiring city. What else do I love? The excitement Capital Crime has triggered on so many levels! Guys, it’s going to be massive. Bloody massive!

Here’s a big more about David and Adam!

david headleyjpg.jpg

David Headley studied theology in London and Durham before co-founding and becoming the Managing Director of Goldsboro Books, a much admired, leading independent bookseller, based in central London.

He has gained a reputation for championing debut authors and he created the UK’s largest collectors’ book club. David has won awards for bookselling and in 2015 he was included in the Top 100 most influential people in publishing by The Bookseller.

David is also the MD of The Dome Press, a small, independent publisher based in London, and co-founder of Capital Crime.

adam hamdy.jpg

Adam Hamdy is a London-born, British screenwriter and author. Adam recently signed a three-book deal with Pan Macmillan. BLACK THIRTEEEN, the first book in the new thriller series, will be published in autumn 2019. As a screenwriter, Adam is currently adapting a multi-million copy New York Times bestselling novel for a US studio. In the past year he has written screenplays for four Academy Award-winning production companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Adam has a degree in Law from Oxford University and a degree in Philosophy from the University of London. He is a seasoned skier, rock climber, and marksman.

Whether you’re a new writer, a big name in the genre, a reader, there will be something for you.

Have you booked your tickets yet? Get them here! Go!!!


Capital Crime will be my second festival and I couldn’t be happier to talk about it! Watch this space for more about it soon!

I would like to thank Sophie Ranson, David Headley, and Adam Hamdy for giving me the chance to spread the word and the enthusiasm about Capital Crime!



16 thoughts on “Preparing Capital Crime: London Live with David Headley @DavidHHeadley @CapitalCrime1 @adamhamdy @midaspr @SophMidas @phoebe_swinburn”

  1. Yeah I wasn’t aware this was in London… it’s closer than Harrogate and Bloody Scotland so that’s a big plus for me. Oh I really want to go, and it’s my birthday month too… maybe just maybe… Thanks for the info, I can’t wait for the pics that will follow of you and authors!!


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