Looking for the perfect audiobook for the summer? #Twitter #Giveaway #PerfectImperfections by @tarynleighbook

Hello everyone!

Another Monday, another week, another chance for me to change my mind on the worst day of the week :p

Let’s turn this Monday into a good one with a giveaway!


I was reading posts about books to read during the summer, and I realised I was going to need audiobooks, as I take the dogs for longer walks really early in the morning, and very late in the evening…

Then I began thinking about what kind of books I wanted to read, or listen to… And I decided to remind you I’m here to help!


By giving you the chance to win the audiobook version of Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh!

So what do you have to do? NOTHING SIMPLER!

  1. Go to Twitter
  2. RT my pinned tweet (find in here)
  3. Follow the author and me!

The giveaway ends TOMORROW AT 11.59PM (London time)

Due to restrictions, the giveaway is UK only.

The winner will be announced Wednesday 13 June on Twitter!

A5Ut9RLr.jpg medium

Sarah Lewis desires nothing more than to begin again after a failed marriage and a tragedy so terrifying, it forces her to leave her life in London to stay with her best friend a world apart in South Africa. Despite immediate success in her business, she struggles to understand who she really is and where she belongs in the world. So begins a journey of discovery as Sarah re-unites with Katy in the land where she was born, where the air is lavender scented, and weekends are spent cycling on the beach. Until the day when she has to return to London to face the ghosts of her past and confront a situation that has grown more complicated in her absence. Perfect Imperfections is an intriguing tale which hints at wrongdoings and deceit without giving too much away. The author cleverly weaves a tale around fragile yet strong Sarah as she tries to reconcile her past with her future, engaging the reader to the point where we simply want the best for her and for happiness finally to come her way.

My thanks to Taryn and her publisher for this giveaway!


9 thoughts on “Looking for the perfect audiobook for the summer? #Twitter #Giveaway #PerfectImperfections by @tarynleighbook”

    1. I love audiobooks when walking the dogs, but I have to choose carefully. I had to give up Ragnar’s The Darkness because I couldn’t focus enough to really appreciate the book. I pick romance / chick lit / women fiction or autobiographies, they’re easier to listen to in the street! xxx

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      1. I tried walking with an audiobook once and I ended up walking so slow it couldn’t really count as exercise anymore. xD I agree a lighter genre might have been more useful for it, as I *think* it was a classic I was listening to? xx


          1. I was walking so slow it was almost like going backwards. xD Classics are tricky for me as well in general and I tend to stay away from the very ‘literary’ ones because I know I won’t be a right fit. 😉


  1. What better way to make a Monday better than by entering a competition to win a book. Thank you Meggy. I entered and am crossing my fingers. I listen to more books than I read at the moment.
    Amanda xx


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