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Watch Your Back: Keep Her Close by M. J. Ford @MJFordBooks @AvonBooksUK @Sabah_K

No better way to end a week than meeting up with a good friend! Josie Masters is back!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Avon Books for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

keep her closeTitle: Keep Her Close
Author: M.J. Ford
Publisher: Avon UK
Date of publication: 7 March 2019
Format: paperback
Source: Publisher

Someone is playing a deadly game…

When a young girl goes missing from Jesus College Oxford, DS Josie Masters is plunged into a world of panic as fear grips the city. Along with Thames Valley Police’s newest recruit, the handsome DS Pryce, Josie must act fast – and when two more girls disappear from Oriel and Somerville colleges, she realises the killer is sending her a deadly message in a cruel game of cat and mouse. This time, the case is personal – but who is the perpetrator?

In a desperate race against the clock, Josie hunts for the kidnapper, and soon discovers he could be a lot closer to home than she’d ever thought…

M.J. Ford is back with a gripping new thriller, perfect for fans of Cara Hunter and T.M. Logan


Having loved M. J. Ford’ Hold My Hand, I couldn’t not jump on the opportunity to read and review Keep Her Close. What a pleasure to meet with Josie Masters again, although the author is far from being kind to her!

Josie is still reeling from the events of the last book. Months have passed but she is far from having recovered, no matter what she says. Throughout the novel, the author shows us just how traumatic events – cops or not – have the power to change our behavior and mindset. I won’t get into details but the explorations of the brain and how reliable one’s feelings or thoughts can be after one’s life has been tainted so strongly is simply brilliant and really sets the tone of Keep Her Close.

Josie’s life has changed but familiar faces instantly brought me back to her world, but there is no time for a warm reunion as a young woman disappears from her college. If this new case brings adrenaline and allows us to get acquainted with the newest member of the team, sexy and competent DS Pryce, it’s also like a good reminder of how real police work happens: unwilling people to talk to, confused witnesses, lies, and a big ball of unknown. Going back and forth between suspects to steal the truth from all the lies people protect themselves with is an art, and Josie and the others are quite good at it! Hours pass, frustration grows, influential guys hinder an investigation that is far more worrying and important than it first seemed.

Busy trying to think of where the author would take this missing-person case while focusing on Josie’s personal life, I fell into the trap and got completely engrossed into this novel, with each page bringing red herrings, doubts, more work, more faces, and that determination to discover what is going on. When more names started to be added to the list of missing persons, I got a terrible feeling. Suddenly, cold days inside this book felt darker. Ominous. And Josie’s constant struggle to stay in the game added to the edge that crept under my skin. It was so frustrating to see her fight for her right to do her job and to witness her boss fail to trust her. See that line between professional and personal? Oh, I love how the author weaves knots on all the threads of his novel to keep you unsettled!!

Now, can I really be mad at the higher ranks for being weary of Josie and her history? Not really. Yet, I was stunned, or as the French expression would go ‘sur les fesses’ (don’t Google that!) when twists began to slap me in the face, like a car racing through The Riviera roads at full speed. Always scarily realistic and hitting so close to home, the answers left on the pages for the reader to find left me speechless and completely gobsmacked! I love it when I am thrown on a certain path while hints are niggling at me until I realise I should have seen it coming, that it was all in front of me!

Keep Her Close is a strong and gritty thriller, a perfect reunion with the fabulously complicated and genuine Josie Masters!

You can get your copy of this superb and cracking book here!




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      1. I bought the audio book of Hold My Hand (the first in the series) this morning and am listening to it already! Josie is such a great character and I’m really enjoying it so I’ll definitely get this second book as well. All thanks to your fab review so thank you 🙂 xx


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