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Rotten to the Core? #AsSickAsOurSecrets by A.B. Whelan @AuthorABWhelan #randomthingstour

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Title: As Sick As Our Secrets
Author: A.B. Whelan
Date of publication: 2019
Format: uncorrected ecopy

Olivia Campbell has the life most women want. A respected husband, beautiful
home, and the freedom that only financial security can provide.
But not all is as it appears…
Olivia has secrets, and after discovering a hidden journal in her husband’s study,
she realizes that she’s not the only one.
As her picture perfect world starts to fall apart around her, Olivia wonders just how
deep the secrets run as she finds herself immersed in the investigation of a young
missing girl.
Some coincidences are just too hard to ignore, but how far is she willing to go to
discover the truth?
Told from multiple perspectives, As Sick as Our Secrets is a dark, fast-paced
thriller that delves into dark subject matters like addiction, murder, sexual violence,
and danger. The story was inspired by an article about college girls soliciting their
bodies to earn money for school. This book is not for the faint-hearted.


Secrets destroy us from within. Olivia learns it the hard way. And she is not the only one…

If Olivia’s life looks perfect from the outside, with what most people wish – a big house behind a nice safe gate, a handsome husband working for a foundation, money, looks, it only takes a grain of sand to shatter the illusion.

Olivia is no saint. She’s lived a hard life and thought she had escaped it all when marrying Richard. Love can save us… Who sang that? Well, love can also blind us (I promise I am not trying to put as many song lyrics as possible into this review). Right from the start, I felt something was wrong with Olivia. No, not with the woman herself, but we discover her in a situation that is uncommon. From there, doubts arise. Tiny, smallish, teeny particles of doubts that will grow, multiply, and, weirdly, will set Olivia free from what she thought of as the truth.

It takes times, it takes questions, it takes details, but her character evolves from a helpless wife to a strong woman seeking truth and revenge. And she is not the only one. She is backed up by two female friends giving the reader different point of views on the events unfolding between their eyes, Ashley and Betty also make for two unique and believable voices bringing more layers to the plot. Should I say more about them, I would take some of the edge of the story, and rip you off the places those characters are supposed to take you. Three different backgrounds, three different lives, all tied by … you guessed it! Secrets! And more to come as they dig into Olivia’s life to discover the darkest places of them all. You can’t help but root for those women trying their best to fight the kind of monsters you only meet in movies. Or aren’t they in the street, right now? In your bed? Sitting at the desk behind you? Who can tell what kind of person one truly is? What makes a monster? Do they wear a mask or can we recognize them? The novel asks all those questions and more, pushing the reader into a corner, unsettled and yet so curious, so keen to face the truth.

As Sick As Our Secrets is a frightening novel about what lurks in the dark, where darkness comes from, and whether or not we can chase it away with light.

You can grab a copy here!

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A B Whelan Author picture

A.B. Whelan resides in sunny Southern California with her family, among soccer fields, manicured lawns, and beautiful homes, where everybody’s life ‘seem’ perfect. Here is where she cooks up unique psychological thrillers that delve into suburbia life.


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