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Lazy Saturday Review : The Fear by C.L. Taylor (unpopular opinion inside)


From LipsyyI started doing ‘lazy Saturday reviews’ as a way of getting reviews done in just 30 mins, and they proved to be quite popular. They are quick and snappy, and concentrate less on the plot (or content) and writing and more on my overall feelings about said book. They generally end up being a bit of a rant. My fave!

the fearTitle: The Fear
Author: C.L. Taylor
Publisher: Avon
Date of publication: Thursday 22nd March 2018
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 346
Rating: ⭐⭐ and a half

Sometimes your first love won’t let you go…

Lou Wandsworth is used to being headline news as, aged fourteen, she ran away to France with her 31-year-old teacher, Mike Hughes.

Now 32, Lou’s life is in tatters – and she resolves to return home to confront Mike for the damage he has caused. But she soon finds that Mike is unchanged, and is focussing his attention on 13-year-old Chloe Meadows.

Determined to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself, Lou decides to take matters into her own hands. But Mike is a predator of the worst kind, and as she tries to bring him to justice, it’s clear that Lou could once again become his prey…

my review red

This review was supposed to be a long and detailed one, but I cannot muster the courage nor the will to do so. Let’s go for a lazy review!

After hearing so much about C.L. Taylor, the expectations were high. Maybe too high! I was truly happy to receive a copy of The Fear and I love the cover, so our love story began the best way possible.

Then I cleared my schedule and opened the book. Things quickly got out of hand.

First of all, I could not connect to any of the characters. I was curious about what had happened to Lou, yes, but not enough to read the book in one sitting. The other female narrative was intriguing, but once again, it did not hold my interest long enough for me not to take breaks without thinking twice. Motives felt far-fetched, characters sounded almost unreal, and even the threat of a young life being scarred by the wrong kind of man couldn’t satisfy my need for a strong and plausible story.

The writing itself was okay without actually standing out. It was smooth but lacked this little X factor that makes words dance in front of your eyes.

The pace would go up then down, just like my interest. I did finish the story out of curiosity but I was expecting a lot more after the hype surrounding the author. I will definitely pick out another story from C.L. Taylor and hope for the best. A bump in the road doesn’t mean you need to stop!

Any recs about which of her books I should pick next?


29 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Review : The Fear by C.L. Taylor (unpopular opinion inside)”

  1. Aw. I’m sad that you didn’t enjoy this one. I haven’t got to this one yet, but I’ve found with this author I like her writing but her plots can be a little far fetched.

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  2. Im sorry you didn’t love this one, it’s really hard when you don’t connect with the characters. I hope you have better luck with her other books. And I agree, the cover is brilliant! 😊x


  3. I won a copy of this last week. And the hype , the cover and the blurb all sound good. I haven’t read many reviews of it. I will be interested more so now to read if to see if my thoughts match yours or the ones that enjoyed the book.
    Honest but tactful review.
    Amanda xx

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  4. Wonderful review! I definitely understand your points here… I’m guessing I might have had a similar reaction to it? I still have to try her work though, so it’s good to know not to set expectations too high just in case. 😉 xx

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  5. I’ve only read The Accident and felt the same way as you described above. I’m not going to read this one as I’d seen comments from another trusted blogger about poor editing, for example references to technology and music not released or available in 2007 when the book was set.

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  6. Connecting with characters is key for me too! I’m sorry it didn’t happen here. This was my first novel by C.L. Taylor and she really impressed me so I’m going to balance this one out next week ;-). I’m impressed you still want to read another novel, I usually just move on to another author and see that they’re not for me. If it makes you feel better, I tore down a book in two days this weekend and I really didn’t like it (I just wanted to read fast to get it over with).. I don’t know yet if I will review or not.. I’ll give it a shot and see how tactful it ends up and decide then. You did a good job though with this one 🙂

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    1. I will definitely read your review tomorrow! I’m supposed to study but we all need breaks :p I can be harsh and don’t give an author another chance but I bought a couple of her previous books for my Kindle so I’ll check them out! Thank you, I was on the fence about posting it as I felt I did not say enough to call it a review but I still wanted a different opinion than the ones I’d seen so far. I’m sorry you got a bad case of book! I might not have had the patience to finish it!

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  7. First of all, your blog looks so fly! I love all the changes. Its beautiful!

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy this one though I get why based on the issues you raised. I haven’t read this but I did read The Escape which was great. I hope your next Taylor read will be good 🙂


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