Orenda Books Giveaway Winner! And a little announcement!

Better late than never!

I have missed a couple of commitments I had taken and I apologize for this. I hate it when I fail to do all that’s scheduled but mistakes happen, and I am lucky to have amazing and understanding friends. (Sorry again, and thank you, Noelle!)



The winner of the proof copy of We Were the Salt of the Sea is Helene Leuschel! Congratulations! I am so happy to share this story with you!

Please email me or DM me on Twitter so I can send the book your way! 🙂

The London Book Fair is a few days away and I will be working all weekend at the bookstore before flying to the event, which means all posts I should have written and posted are postponed! I will share (a lot!) on social media about my exciting trip but Chocolate’n’Waffles won’t be updated before I get back.

Have a fantastic weekend and week, everyone, I’ll see you on the other side with reviews and a huge amount of pictures!

Be safe! Don’t hesitate to reach me on Twitter if you need me!


13 thoughts on “Orenda Books Giveaway Winner! And a little announcement!”

  1. I hope you will have a wonderful time at the London Book Fair!! Have fun and I’ll be looking forward to those pics when you are back! ❤ ❤


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