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Why It’s Okay to Leave our Book Blogger Super Hero Costume in the Wardrobe!

When I started blogging, I was looking for something to keep myself busy. I was stuck at home. My life was about getting up, watch hours tick by, and go to bed. I was going crazy and needed to find a way to use my brain. Books came back into my life, and the strange idea I could share my feelings about stories and someone might actually read about them began to appear.

Two years and two months later, my life has completely changed. I go out every day, I resumed my studies, I found new friends online and in real life, and I even got a job. The endless hours I had to blog and share the love has awfully dwindled.

book blogger super hero.png


How do I feel about it?

Happy, because my life actually sucked when I was saved by books and blogging.

Sad, as I can no longer indulge in hours of surfing the blogosphere.


But it is okay. We all feel this way. I have learned it through so many posts about this on Twitter or Facebook. Even blog posts! Still, it is hard to accept and sometimes I don’t know how to deal with it. So here comes my Sunday post about how being a Super Blogger is awesome and should stay this way.

It is okay not to be around for more than twelve hours

I don’t know how some of you do it, but with a 5.30am/9pm daily schedule, I struggle to find five minutes to check Twitter. Let alone visit blogs! But it is alright. We all have busy lives, busy days, lazy busy moments or whatever, and no one is behind your back checking how long you spend blogging.


It is important to remember blogging is a hobby

I consider my blog as my baby. I am sad when I can’t feed it with new posts or make it fun with silly stuff. Although the more I blog, the quicker I prepare my articles, it still takes some time to produce good content, this is why it should not become a job and should definitely not bring pressure. You don’t have to blog. You just should whenever and wherever you want. Maybe I need to tattoo this on my arm!

 i have a blog

It is good to recall books are at the core of your blog

You don’t need to read to blog about books, but hey, it helps! :p I remember reading Cleo about how she had to remember to put books first and blog second. I totally agree with this. Yes, I post random articles like this one which did not require any reading, but the main goal of Chocolate’n’Waffles is to chat about books. Except if I spend my time blogging or worrying about blogging, when do I read???

are you seeing the books.gif

It is okay to feel guilty. For 5 minutes only

I often read about how we bloggers feel guilty about not interacting as much as we would love to because life happens. I am guilty of feeling guilty, especially these days when I prepare and schedule reviews and take forever to reply to comments or don’t have the time to personally thank every person who shares my things on social media. I feel guilty because I was greedy and some ARCs have been waiting for too long to be read.

Whenever you feel this way, there’s a kind person to remind you not to be this way. Well, you are allowed to feel guilty, just don’t let it get to you too much. You can feel it for five minutes, be mad at yourself, be sad, be whatever you want, and then let go and start reading, blogging, whatever makes you happy instead of wallowing into a big pool of guilt! This should be another tattoo!!!


It is okay to miss posts

I have a hard time with this one myself. I hate missing posts, especially from people who always take the time to visit my blog and say hello. I see notifications and my heart melts. The happiness of connecting with other people sharing my passion is still fiercely present, but I can’t reciprocate the way I used to. But here’s the good news, people are nice, people understand, people don’t resent you, and no one is going to forget you! So, let’s breathe and check out blogs when we have time.

first step is recognizing there is one.gif

It is better to stay away from numbers and comparisons

Why did this post get so many comments and this one did not? Why are my stats getting lower? Why, why, why? There can be many reasons for any of this to happen but the worst is, they take our mind away from what is really important. The books. I’m not a popular blog, and I could not care less! I don’t get plenty of comments on every review? It is okay! The world is not going to end, and it doesn’t mean what I write is bad. Blogging is about what you want, not what you get (even when you get the best of friends!).

i need 4 billions dollar.gif(just because I love this gif)

It is hard being a Super Hero. Harder even to be a Book Super Hero. But we are an army, and we spread love, not pressure, so don’t blog hard, blog for fun. Don’t write as if you life depends on it, write what you feel like writing. Feel what comes your way and let go. Just come back to us when you can!

This was a Sunday Love kind of post from the Ginger Super Hero trying to apply all of this to her own life!

Ps: If someone has a handbook about how to keep your online friendship going, let me know, I feel I’m letting everyone slip away and I hate it!!! I am amazed at people becoming so close when I struggle to keep a conversation going. This should be the subject of another post!


71 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay to Leave our Book Blogger Super Hero Costume in the Wardrobe!”

  1. As someone who isn’t blogging at the mo (reading and writing but can’t make herself sit down and write any blog post that isn’t required), thank you so so much! Every word of this post rings totally true-I started blogging for something to do and while I welcomed it taking me over, I do sometimes forget it’s about the books and get all stressed out. You’ve totally brought some calm, thanks!!!


    1. You are most welcome! I am so happy if my ramblings about my worries can help someone else. I think we take blogging so seriously at times that it takes away the whole point, which is to have a safe place to have fun! There is no schedule, no deadline (well, except for blog tours!), and no one to chide you when you do something wrong 🙂

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  2. I need to get every single one of these tattooed on my hands, so I can see them every day. Like you, I’ve become super busy and miss having the time to interact, comment intelligently or write well crafted posts.

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  3. This is a great post Meggy! It’s so brilliant to hear how well everything is going for you. Full of wise words and really helpful to read as I find myself sharing a lot of these feeling with you. Great post and I always look forward to your blog and reviews as and when they come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Things are messy but I’m learning how to live with it, and I thought it would do me good to let go of that blogger guilt and share a little! You’re adorable, thank you! We all have moments when we wonder if what we write is good enough or interesting enough, so it’s so nice to know you still enjoy my posts! THANK YOU! 🙂


  4. Awesome post as always! 🙂 I definitely need to remember these sometimes. I had some periods of sickness last week when I couldn’t get a post up and felt so guilty. Then I reminded myself that I was in hospital… my health is definitely more important!


    1. Thank you!! ❤ It's so easy to forget those points, isn't it? It's like a circle, the more you do, the more you have to deal with, and it doesn't go well with the other parts of your life! Health is always number 1!! I'm sorry you got to the hospital, I hope you're feeling better now! xxx

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  5. This post is just what I needed, thank you! Everything you say resonates with me at the moment and your words are wise. I’m struggling with the whole blogging and social media thing at the minute as I try to complete my course. My reviews are below par, my ME symptoms aren’t great and I’m thinking of having a total break for the month of April. Your life is on exactly the right track and wonderful things are happening for you which will make your future bright. And you deserve it all xxx


    1. You are very welcome, darling! It looks like we’re in the same place right now. Our situation is very similar so I am glad if my ramblings can help a bit. Taking a break might do you good! I never managed to stay away more than two weeks, but the closer we get to my exams and the presentation of my thesis, the less I will be online… You deserve all the best, Lady Skull, you work you ass off, you bring us amazing posts, and you are a wonderful friend xxx

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  6. Totally agree! 🙂
    Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the universe doesn’t just crash and burn if we miss out on something, but once this sinks in, it’s way easier to just be chill about it.


  7. On a day when I’m feeling very down, partly over lack of blogging, partly over what’s going on with life right now – your post has cheered me up no end! Thank you Meggy!


  8. I completely agree with everything you said and I totally feel the same! Especially during the three months I was in a blogging slump… I miss blogging when I don’t have time, but it’s totally normal to have life happening; in fact, I’ve learned the hard way that real life should come before blogging or it starts feeling like work. 😉 And you’re totally right books should always come before blogging! That’s what our whole community is based on in the first place 😉 Guilty feelings are tricky, but since we all go through similar situations, it’s easy to understand when someone doesn’t have time. LOVED this post! ❤ xx


    1. ❤ Love you! Thank you so much for jumping into the conversation! I felt it was the right time for a reminder we are human and we can't do it all. Prioritizing is difficult but necessary if we don't want to end up crazy! And on top of all I have to do, I signed up for an intense American English course for March, which means I'll probably blog less and I need to be okay with it ❤ ❤ xxx

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  9. Awesome post, Meggy…. so close to my heart… I have been through this phase for past year.

    The guilt of not being able to post… the sadness when we miss posts of our blogger friends… the depressed feeling of not being able to be a part of it…

    and then one fine day you realise that the idea with which you entered the blogosphere was not to race against anyone but to share and befriend like-minded people. As you correctly summed up- Blogging should be done for fun not for ruining it.


  10. This is a must-read for everyone who works and studies! It really is hard at times but we can only do what we can do and I try not to let myself feel guilty either if I just like and not comment :-). I’m going to bookmark this and probably read it again a few times in the future, whenever I need it :-).


  11. I think it’s just amazing what blogging can do for a person 😀 And this is such an amazing post!! I think it can be really hard to remember that blogging is a hobby and not to put pressure to be around 24/7 (which is impossible anyway) And yes to books being the primary passion!! hehehe I love your point “it is okay to feel guilty. for five minutes”- so apt!! And of course, everyone is super understanding and it’s always fine to miss posts in my book 😀 Love this post! (I wish I had that handbook too!)


    1. You’re the amazing one 😀 I wish I had been warned about the addiction and the guilt coming with blogging, haha! Thankfully, there are fabulous friends like you to be around and support! I know it’s impossible for me not to feel guilty, so 5 minutes it is :p I feel so weird when I try to get closer to people, haha, I have no idea how to do it!!!!

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      1. Aww you’re too sweet! ❤ haha I agree with you! hehe that's a great tip and I'm going to take it to heart. haha oh I so relate- my general awkwardness just gets in the way! I've always had that trouble though- both online and in real life!


  12. Mwah, mwah, mwah! Such an awesome post, Meggy. We love you, we miss you but we’re all so darn proud of the incredible way you’ve turned your life around. Lots of love to you special lady ❤❤❤


  13. I used to think that blogging is super easy but its actually not. Sometimes, its easy to loose focus and leave the fun out blogging then it becomes a chore trying to balance it with everything else. I enjoyed this post and all the wonderful reminders. We do need a balance and shouldn’t feel too bad about not being not being able to commit so much time to blogosphere. Thank you for sharing this, Meggy ❤


    1. You are very welcome, darling Diana 🙂 I felt everything was becoming too much and I did not want blogging to become a chore so I forced myself to take a step back and put things into perspective. I still need to reread this post, but it helps 🙂 xx


  14. It’s brilliant to think how much you have achieved in 2 years. But you are absolutely right in all points of this post. Blogging and reading are fun hobbies. Luckily for us we have made lovely friendships along the way. 😘
    I have let go any guilt / bad feelings about not posting regularly, but I do miss having the time to read posts and comment on them. Saying that though when I do have a blog hop it’s extra enjoyable. ( especially your posts).
    I hope you remember your own advice 😉
    Amanda xx


    1. Aw, I know I nurtured and fed this blog but it feels like fun instead of so much work, so even though I’m proud, I can’t see the actual amount if work ❤ I truly think the friendships this blog has brought me are the best thing that came out of this adventure. Talking books and having fun is great, but finding people who share your passion and just connect with you in a strong way is so amazing, this is what I am most grateful for. I totally agree! I haven't blogged in a few days and doing this this morning feels twice as good as usual! 🙂 I'll do my best to remember my own words 😀 xxx

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        1. Aw ❤ I need a good reminded of that side of me today! Been sick and in bed since this morning! Wow, already at the end of season 2? Loved this season! All is fab until season 4, when the creator starts to play with what the audience wants more than what his show is about! xxx


  15. Great post, Meggy (nearly wrote Donna there- it really suits you as well as a name 😀 hahaha… old habits die hard! 😉 )
    I can relate to this post SOOOO much you have no idea… my previous blogging/reading time has dwindled to mere short minutes over the past year and it’s all because of work. Sometimes I am literally on late night meetings, sometimes I am just so exhausted after a day’s work I don’t read, watch TV or anything, just pass out on the couch after the big task of cooking and washing up 😀 I do miss being able to put tons of time into the online side of it- just to keep interacting with people and make jokes.. like we all used to… sigh! :)I think that’s what i miss most, I have mostly gotten over the guilt side of it… I even chaged around how I keep track of blogs so my inbox doesn’t horrify me every day with the amount of unread blog posts…


    1. Please, don’t ever stop yourself from writing Donna 😀 I feel like a Donna! Wish my work would have let me keep my nickname…
      SAME FEELINGS HERE! We’re in the same position, and it is so frustrating, right?? I miss my people, you included!! You’re such a fun and lovely person to chat with. I never thought blogging would bring so much work, but also so many fabulous people into my life, and I think that’s why I feel guilty. I want to stay around and support all of you! xx

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      1. Fabulous- when I think of you, you’re always Donna in my head while my fingers type Meggy 🙂 hehehe
        Yes- we can totally relate on this… even my reading time has been cut down by a large chunk and it is frustrating as well- the fun, the people, the all of it- I keep thinking about it all every day and I’m like looking at the books and laptop with puppy dog eyes whishing I could just drop everything adulting and come and have more fun! But! At least we’re not completely giving up and read/blog as time allows and that counts for something as well 🙂 ❤ Hope you're doing well and lots of love! 🙂


        1. I’ll always be your Donna 😀 Reading? What is this?? So ironic when you know I’m actually an intern supposed to read manuscripts :p I don’t think I have either the will or the strength to give up blogging, I love the activity and the people too much! ❤ I'm exhausted but hanging in there, and you? ❤ Lots of love! x


  16. I think this post is so important for all bloggers to read, as even though I am new to blogging I know there willl be times when I miss a post or don’t produce an as good post because I have got a lot going on in my life. And I know that this will make me feel really guilty and like I am a bad blogger – when I am not it’s just that I need to remember that it’s ok if this happens and that I am not the only blogger who has felt this way. I also find it incredible how books and blogging has changed your life. Also I can relate to you feeling sad about not having time to blog or read – as sometimes I go a day or two without reading because I am busy with swim training and college work; and this makes me feel really sad. By the way – I love this letterbox to use for comments and the general layout of your blog.


    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment and your input! It took me so long to come up with my blog’s layout, I am not good at this, haha!
      There is no warning when you start blogging that this hobby will eat away hours of your life and offer you more than you thought, but also will make you feel like you must do the work. It’s difficult to find the right balance. I guess it’s all about learning, letting go, and enjoying 🙂 x

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  17. Hey Meggy – it’s taken me an age but I finally got around to reading this fab post. So glad you liked my point and I’m so often way too busy to do all the things I wish I could on the blog and social media but we’re still sharing the book love.
    You should be proud of your achievements since you started the blog and as you say we’re all delighted when we get to interact with you but understand when there isn’t time! x


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