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Resolutions I Will NOT Make #ByeJanuary!

Let’s be honest, New Year’s good resolutions were only made to comfort us about things we wish we could change but won’t because we are 1) too lazy 2) too busy 3) both 4) way too lazy, busy, and stuck (Thinking about the million people who have tried to quit smoking at this time of year. Failure or mistake has nothing to do with the moment you chose to try it. The pressure killed you!)

This is why today, I am rebelling against this archaic means of self-torture!


1. I will not stop getting books

Seriously, is it even possible?


2. I will not pledge to run a marathon at the end of the year!

Sweating? No, thanks!!!

i think not.jpg

3. I will not be kinder and more generous

Honesty here, people. I will keep on swearing when an idiot cuts in the line in front of me and forces me to brake like crazy.

i badly want to be insulting

4. I will not eat healthier

Unless I really want to. But we already know I can’t resist a burger. MacDonald, my love.

murder someone.gif

5. I will not quit biting my nails

Totally not ready. Thriller books don’t help.


6. I will not change

Why should I? I’m perfect :p

i really am.gif

7. I will not stop being annoyed when people are late

Watches, clocks, alarms were all invented for a reason!


8. I will not stop using my phone so much

I need my online friends! And Candy Crush…


9. I will not stop complaining

Free country! :p

no uterus no opinion.gif

10. I will not stop reading

Who the hell would take this kind of resolution??????


I will not apologize for this post. They are my favorite kind as they take away the pressure… and they keep me busy when I should be doing grown-up stuff!
Have a good (and pressure-free) day!



39 thoughts on “Resolutions I Will NOT Make #ByeJanuary!”

  1. Love this ,, I however have stuck to my ‘Dry january’ and I have already lost 15lbs by not eating sugar rubbish food and bread… I feel healthier but I’m fecking miserable πŸ™‚


  2. Yes yes and yes.. I love your goals and your gifs! I vouch not to run a marathon either πŸ˜‰ and all the rest as well. I’m not participating in Tour MinΓ©rale (February without alcohol) or the 30-day challenge of non-complaining (I don’t even know if they have a name for it).


    1. Yay, so happy you enjoyed this little post! I just needed to vent after having been asked a hundred times what my resolutions were! I’d love to run a marathon, but only if I decide it, and not as a resolution! Haha, I’m doing the Tour Minerale every day and every year! Except if Rum in cakes count xD Complaining is good for your health, you need to let feelings go and not bottle them up in your body! :p

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved the generous amount of David Tennant gifs and also the snippets from The Newsroom! I totally agree with the pressure of resolutions sometimes achieving the exact opposite. Good on you for doing this post! And yes, you are perfect!! There is definitely no need to change ❀


  4. Ahahahah what a fun post, my Sweechie. You’re right, it’s best not to make any kind of resolutions and just… remember to be ourselves and just remember to complain a whole lot because we are not French for nothing, have to keep our reputation alive πŸ˜›


  5. Love it! I’m so anti-resolution this year that I’m not even setting a Goodreads goal. One book. That’s my goal. I’ve exceeded my goal by 600% and that makes me feel good!


  6. Absolutely glad about your resolution that you will not change! Please don’t. πŸ˜‰
    I stopped making resolutions a long time ago as you’re right if I want to change anything I will do it whenever I’m ready.
    And I certainly won’t stop reading either. Who would make that promise???
    Love your David gifs 😊
    Amanda xx


  7. Wow! I have given myself a book ban as I’ve run ot of room and have a lot to read. I don’t agree with resolutions mine are always: do more yoga and write more. Instead I have my writing goals and no resolutions. I did sign up to do 30 days of yoga and have done 8! It was for January but work and illness stopped that. I am one of those people who are too hard on myself especially when I spend hours on social media and not reading or writing. It’s not until I learnt to relax and am learning to stop pressuring myself that I feel so much happier. I did want to eat less junk too must not be too hard on myself!!!


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