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Once Upon a Time, a Ginger Fairy Got her 1st Book-Related Job: The Polar en Cabanes Event

Two weeks of classes and a very big step! Beware, this post contains both French and English elements!

going live

It all happened yesterday but I can’t stop thinking about it and every time it gets me stronger and happier so I had to share with you one of the best days of my life. A one-day internship might not seem much for some people, but it was a revelation to me both about my strength and my dreams. Looks like I’m on the right track…

If you want to hear all about a French book event, and not any book event, but a Crime Fiction one! My first one, and more generally a fun day which kicked anxiety in the butt all day, just click on Play!

I cannot wait to finally get to a British book event as they always look amazingly fun!

Now for the details of the day and a bit of French…

The french way.png

La perfectionniste que je suis a réussi à arriver avec une heure d’avance! Que faire à 9h du matin un samedi à Bordeaux? PRENDRE DES PHOTOS

The crazy control freak in me had to arrive one hour early for the event, which means I had an entire hour to fill before work, and what’s best than take picture when all is still quiet in Bordeaux??

Qu’on me dise comment ne pas être amoureuse de cette ville. Someone tell me how not to fall in love with Bordeaux.

Avant, pendant, après… Merci le soleil de cacher la fatigue!
Then… It was time! Let’s do a before/in the middle/after picture thingy to see if I managed to hide the zombie tiredness xD

So where did I work, what did I do, what is Polar en Cabanes! C’est bien tout ca mais c’est quoi Polar en Cabanes ?

Polar en Cabanes is an association keeping alive and trying to bring crime fiction every year in Bordeaux with different themes and debates!
I clearly dit not know any of the books or authors because I read all UK and US writers and sulk when French names appear on my TBR except for a few exceptions, but I was surprised to find books I NEED TO READ in the heaps of books we presented and sold, including my teachers’!

Polar en cabanes, ou le rendez vous à ne pas manquer pour les amateurs de polars! J’avoue, ne lisant qu’en anglais, je ne connaissais que les livres de mon professeur xD Mais j’ai fait d’incroyable rencontres telle que Chloé Medhi, Mme Dominique Manotti entre autres. Vente de livres, discussions, batailles avec l’appareil à carte bleue, ORGANISATION, et un superbe environnement de travail. Une victoire pour l’étudiante mais aussi pour la lady que je suis! Un jour à ne pas oublier! Et la prochaine fois, j’essaie d’assister aux débats!!!!

Here’s a bit of what happened, minus the picture of my tortured feet in shoes unfit to stay up all day. Voici quelques photos pour découvrir l’événement, les auteurs, et l’ambiance, je vous épargne une photo de mes pieds en compote!


Do you often go to book events? What’s spurring you to go, the authors or the theme? Any book event I should put on my to-do list??

PS: thanks to everyone for being patient with me!


49 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time, a Ginger Fairy Got her 1st Book-Related Job: The Polar en Cabanes Event”

  1. Cheers to dreams coming true Meggy. It sounds like such a great, fulfilling experience and I hope that this is just the start to a wonderful career for you. Loved the pics too ❤


  2. It sounds like you had such a brilliant time, my Sweechie, I’m so happy for you! ❤ ❤ Also a little jealous that you get to live the dream like that, haha, but you so deserve it. It totally suits you, these kind of things. Not long before you'll have that full-time bookish related job 😉


  3. So exciting, good for you! I regularly attend book events because I host them and interview authors, but I used to work in the publishing industry as well so it’s sort of in my blood at this point! Keep going!


  4. Oh congratulations, Meggy!!! This is such great news ❤ ❤
    It doesn't matter if it was just one day or a month or a year… What matters is that you enjoyed it, you learned something new, met new people, got to have tons of fun AND felt mentally better. So all in all, it was totally worth it ^^


    1. I couldn’t agree more! I learned so much being there! I love my classes but nothing replaced being on the field and actually doing it! I was so busy I did not have time to think about anxiety, that was very cool 😀 Thank you so much ❤


  5. You’re amazing, Meggy 💕
    This looked like so much fun! We rarely get book events here and I’ve never been to one but they all look like such a blast. Also the pictures of Bordeaux are beautiful 😍


    1. Wish my speaking was as good!!! Thank you ❤ It's so nice to know your work is not for nothing and when I think of all the hours I put into learning and improving my English, I get little butterflies when someone tells me it's okay! ❤ Haha, I'm forever a Donna!

      Liked by 1 person

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