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Open the Curtains: Bad Sister by @sam_carrington1 @AvonBooksUK @elonwoodman @HarperCollinsUK

One of my favorite new thing is cover reveals. I’ve talked about cover love many times. I am a slave when it comes to eye candy and I now think of covers as just as much important as synopsis. And today, I have a good one to share with you!

cover reveal

Remember Savinf Sophie? I know this book is waiting for my in my Kindle and this cover reveal just makes me want to jump on it. I need to stop wanting to jump on books!!! But we’re here to talk about….

bad sister.jpg

Look at this!!! I’m not a fan of pink, it doesn’t go well with my hair most of the time, but I don’t know, I like the contrast of the title with the image. Pink = girl = sister = innocence… And there’s a but. I find it extremely interesting and intriguing!!!!

Here’s what this new story is about:

The gripping new thriller from the bestselling author of Saving Sophie.

Stephanie is scared for her life. Her psychologist, Connie Summers, wants to help her face her fears, but Connie will never really understand her. Stephanie’s past has been wiped away for her own protection. Stephanie isn’t even her real name. But then, Dr Summers isn’t Connie’s real name either.

And that’s not all the women have in common. As Stephanie opens up about her troubled relationship with her brother, Connie is forced to confront her own dark family secrets.

When a mutilated body is dumped in plain sight, it will have devastating consequences for both women.

Who is the victim?
Who is to blame?
Who is next?

Gripping, tense and impossible to put down, Bad Sister will have fans of Sue Fortin, B A Paris and Linda Green hooked till the final page.

Now, I’m more than excited. I need to read this! Secrets, a psychologist, a mutilated body? Yummy!!!!

The book will be published in eBook on 9th October
and in Paperback on 14th December

Will you add it to your wishlist or pre-order it? I know I will!!!


18 thoughts on “Open the Curtains: Bad Sister by @sam_carrington1 @AvonBooksUK @elonwoodman @HarperCollinsUK”

  1. I’m all about cover love as well Meggy, and this is a great one. The silhouette of the siblings against the burning house really stands out and catches you eye. Although I’m not too sure how I feel about the pink title and wording; in my mind it somehow both works and doesn’t you know?
    Do you plan to read this book soon? I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


  2. WOW!! That cover is on fire. (Forgive the bad pun haha). I LOVE the contrast between the fire and the rest of the cover… Although I might possibly would have loved it even a tiny bit more if the text would have been in orange or red??


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