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Suntag!: 10 Things about Me (Vlog)

Happy Sunday!

To tell you the truth, I don’t really like Sundays. It started when I worried about going back to school the next day, then it was all about shops and everything being closed so there was nothing to do, and now I’ve discovered the countryside is invaded by rude people every weekend…

So I wanted to make this one a fun one!… With a Suntag in Video!

going live

What I learned this week is… I need time management tips! I intended to make a short and fun video and ended up with a fifteen minute footage of me saying random things. So I did not repeat the same setting mistake, but the next step is to stay under 10 minutes!!!

Now a little more about the content if you are curious. I was nominated by the lovely Lisa @Rambling Lisa to take part in the 10 Random Things about Me (Thank you, Lisa!!). Now, as I’ve said in the very first video, I’m learning as I go, so I do my recordings in one take, and I don’t think too much about it beforehand to avoid losing the spontaneity. I’m glad to say it was fun to chat to myself xD and I’ve noticed new mistakes but also a slight improvement. I definitely felt more at ease but it probably is due to the fact I rely on people not watching the videos!!

Without further ado, here’s my Sunday shameless fun! I can’t apologize for the useless facts and the weird faces! (there’s a discontinuity when the mailman interrupted me, rude!!!)

I hope everyone has a relaxing and nice Sunday!


49 thoughts on “Suntag!: 10 Things about Me (Vlog)”

  1. Meggy, I am really liking your vlogs. And I don’t know how to pronounce names either sometimes, especially if you only have them written down it can be super difficult.
    Can I just ask you with what you are filming your videos?


  2. I love the spontaneity and unrehearsed nature of this – and the running angry conversation that you have with the cars, motorbikes, dogs and postmen who ruin your video…


    1. Haha, thanks so much for watching this silly video! πŸ™‚ I prefer not to rehearse or take several shoots because I know it’ll ruin the fun for me, and also I’m so perfectionist I’ll never find a shoot that is good enough, so one recording, and it goes live!


  3. I love nail polish too! Then again I was a nail technician for about 15 yrs lol other than the driving and redhead , I’m naturally red, was pretty similar to me ☺ So my name is said Leesah but your pronunciation goes to show how I ended up with my nickname, it isn’t something that bothers me as a lot of folk struggle with it and I learned that from going to school with people from all over the world. Loved the video ❀


    1. Okay, I won’t make the mistake again and will remember your name’s pronunciation! πŸ˜€ Thank you! Nail polish is so fun, and it really adds a touch to an outfit! I currently need to stop biting my nails to be able to use it again!!
      Thanks so so much for watching ❀

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      1. I wouldn’t even have told you the pronunciation had you not asked, it doesn’t bother me! Use nail polish, even if it is clear, just so you are paying attention to your nails and it might encourage you to stop. Going for manicures or giving yourself one helps too. I always encouraged my nail biting clients to take care of their hands and use cuticle oil, and the likes, so they would get used to giving them some TLC. I have mine done like mint choc chip ice cream at the moment!
        Can’t wait to see more vids from you x


        1. I’m helpless when it comes to taking care of my hands, and I have no idea how to take care of the cuticles! The only time I went, the girl just put the nail polish without any work on my hands first. But it’s a nice idea, both for my hands, and for my anxiety! Thank you!!! I try to put a light color when my hands are in a bad shape, cos I also bite the little skin around, but I’ll try harder, I love having nice hands!
          And thanks so much for watching ❀


  4. Nice to hear your voice again Meggy. Also nice to hear Yuki. 😊
    Well I started using the health app yesterday and already found it addditive! Yesterday I put it all I’m, steps, water, sleep and food. Today I decided it was to much and am only doing steps and walking. The distance measurer is really good. So thanks for the recommendation.
    I always thought sun tag was sun 🌞!! Makes more sense that it is Sunday!
    Ps. I don’t like pepperoni πŸ˜‰

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    1. YΓ»ki wasn’t planned but wanted her twelve seconds of fame, haha!
      I’m glad the app fits you! It’s really handy without having to buy an expensive new object! I tried the sleep measures but with the little sleep I get, it was useless xD
      I’ll remember the pepperoni!! Thanks for watching this idiotic vid! xxx

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    1. xD So wrong, this video is so wrong! I keep forgetting I’m sharing them when I record, so I just go with the flow, and it ends up … well, like that!
      Yep, I’ve been speaking to the dogs in English since we got them πŸ˜€ This way I can have little conversations with them, haha!

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  5. I grew up hating Sundays, they were always such a depressing day. Now I quite like them (apart from the Spanish homework) as I try and make them a ‘me’ day for reading and relaxing.


  6. I really enjoyed the spontaneity! hehe your facts made me giggle- it’s so specific (since you brought it up, I’m not particularly fond of my feet- they’ve always just seemed too big :/ having said that… who likes their feet?) I really don’t see anything wrong with your chin. hehehehe that is such dedication to tv!! Although House is worth it πŸ˜‰ hahahahaha I love how you described sudoku as revenge on maths LOL!!! I actually really love cemeteries too- totally normal πŸ˜‰ I totally lost it when you said pepperoni- don’t know why that just made me laugh πŸ˜‰


    1. Haha, thank you! I know that if I overthink those videos, I won’t put them online, so this is me going all naked xD
      I can’t understand feet fetishists :p My chin, that nightmare! But like everything, talking about it makes it easier… Well, I don’t watch my own videos, that helps too mouhaha!
      Yep, I had lost my way and wasn’t so excited about books at the time because high school lit classes have a way to make you hate them! I just HAD to say pepperoni, I love that word xD Thank you SO MUCH for watching that looooooooong string of useless stuff!!!

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      1. Fair enough! I totally get that!
        hahaha me neither! hahaha that’s a good idea- I can’t look at videos/pictures with me in it, so I think not looking would make it easier!
        ah that’s a real shame!! haha no worries- I enjoyed it!! It was fun to get to know you more!! πŸ˜€

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  7. Great vlog, Ms Sunday Driver πŸ˜€ I enjoyed listening to the facts about you but by far the best part about that video was your dog whining πŸ˜€ hahaha, how adorable!


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