June (or the biggest month of the year) Wrap-up and a Vacation!

I am now absolutely sure someone is stealing time! It’s impossible we’re in July already. I usually post my wrap-ups on the last day of the month but… I forgot! Well, I had little motivation to write it because I knew it would be a long one, and then I forgot :p

july yuki.png

What’s New? 

First of all, my baby Yûki turned 6 on the 6th of June! She doesn’t look or act like it though, she still is the very energetic and mischievous  little baby I was given all those years ago. She’s my biggest motivation to get up in the morning, and whenever I feel down, she’s the one who can make me move my bottom and get out there!

Happy birthday Yûki

Secondly… I took the exams for the publishing degree I was eligible for and… I made it! I was accepted. 65 candidates, 25 places, and I’m not even on the waiting list!!!! This in itself is a massive achievement, but add to it my anxiety and the pressure that I put on myself for this to happen, and you have the miracle I achieved 😀 (nope, not being humble today!) 41 degrees in every room, lots of people with potential, and I got in anyway. I cannot thank enough all the people who sent me sweet and encouraging messages, the friends who support me and my ramblings about this all the time. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but it will eventually. I did cry, and called to confirm I wanted this place to be mine within two minutes after I received the results, which was very funny to the lady on the other side of the line. I feel right where I am supposed to be, and I wouldn’t be there without the help of some of the most amazing people. You’ll recognize yourself. Thank you.

On top of those nasty scorching days, there was a setback. Boom, a fainting spell in the middle of the job center! But after a couple of days wallowing and “this will totally ruin my plans of studying publishing”, I am now more determined than ever to work with my body, to not let it erase all the steps I have been taking, and to say fuck it, I’m walking towards my dream anyway. 

Oh, and last but not least, we said goodbye to my pseudonym Donna and you met the real name… Meggy! 

That’s it! I was a busy bee, I made the impossible possible, and I had fun days, bad days, happy days. June was THE challenge of the year. Challenged succeeded! 

Books I Read


Taking into account all that happened this month, 9 books read is a lot for me! I was lucky to find some awesome reads, some fun reads, and mostly it was a great list!

Books I Reviewed


Open your Eyes: One to Watch by Rachel Amphlett @RachelAmphlett @emmamitchellfpr #BlogTour
5 Stars for the amazing third book in the Kay Hunter series! I need the key to TheKayMystery now!!!

Hold Them or Break Them: Promised Lies by Marguerite Ashton #BlogTour
A book with lots of potential that did not convince me and only received two and a half stars from me.


Donna’s Quickies: Pirates, stop Scaring the Slave! @RachelAmphlett @Lfrannyfran

One 5 stars, one DNF and one 4 Stars, not bad for a quicky!


Lazy Saturday Review: One Little Mistake by @emmacurtisbooks @TransworldBooks @RosieMargesson
4 Stars for a mistake!

I’d walk 500 miles for: The One by John Marrs @johnmarrs1 @EburyPublishing
4 Stars for an intense and scary search of love!

Blood Sisters by Jane Corry @JaneCorryAuthor @HollandsAnnie @PenguinBooks #BlogTour
4 Stars for two sisters and a shadow…


Who’s your Daddy? The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Lesley Welsh @bookouture #BlogTour
5 stars for a creepy, riveting, and awfully good story of daddy and daughter!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Liar by K.L. Slater @KimLSlater @bookouture #blogtour
5 stars for the Queen of ending twists!!!

Yellow Lemon Tree: Broken Branches by M. Jonathan Lee @MJonathanLee @HideawayFall
4 stars for a cursed tree!


Three Minus One: Two Sisters, Kerry Wilkinson @bookouture @kerrywk #blogtour
3 and a half stars for beautiful cover and a mystery too light for me!

Promenons nous dans les bois: Wolves in the Dark by Gunnar Staalesen @OrendaBooks #BlogTour
All the stars and all my love to Varg Veum

How Do You Plead?: Guilty by Laura Elliot @bookouture @Elliot_Laura #BlogTour
4 Stars for being Guilty!

I had never either written nor published so many reviews before. Take that, hectic schedule!!!! I can’t believe I got 14 reviews out! It might not seem much for you, but for me, it’s huge!

New Books (won, purchased, for review, whatever)

Oh gosh, this part of the post is the longer to prepare!


The Book of the Month Award

If you know me at all, you already know that despite his flaws, Varg Veum wins this month’s award! Wolves in the Dark, while dark and disturbing, is fascinating, gripping, and offers you the chance to dig deeper into the main character’s past. A wonderfully written read!

wolves in the dark

A special mention to K.L.Slater and her Plot Twist Award for Liar!


Blogging Life

What a month! I am proud of what was published in June, lots of words, lots of feelings, lots of fun!

My most important post being:

This Week in Books


Cover Reveals

Guest Posts


Chocolate’n’Waffles is taking a week off!

There will be one more post tomorrow (thanks to scheduling) and then we will only meet again on WordPress on July 10th for a review I have been dying to share! There will be no blogging at all, if I can stay away, of course… Wish me luck! I need to slowly prepare myself to having much less time for blogging and right now, it’s freaking me out that I can’t visit all blogs unless I spend the entire afternoon at it.

I will be on social media because I’m addicted, but much less than usual and will take longer to reply to emails. You can always reach me as I’ll check my accounts every day, but I intend to devote this week to myself, the dogs and books only!

Have a fabulous first week of July and see you in six days!


That’s a wrap on June! What were you up to this month? Let me know, I’m nosy but I can keep secrets :p 


84 thoughts on “June (or the biggest month of the year) Wrap-up and a Vacation!”

  1. Congratulations on the publishing degree my Sweechie, you’re living the dream for sure, you’re so lucky ❤ ❤ We'll miss you around here,have a great week! ❤


  2. Loved reading this post so much positivity and once again huge congratulations on your achievements, have an enjoyable media free week Meggy 😘😘


  3. Wow what a fabulous month of June! So when do you have to go to school, is it also on September 1? Let us know so we can cheer you on :-). 9 books and 14 reviews is amazing and it seems you really enjoyed most of them very much! I spot some great books on your TBR-list too, like the Carol Wyer novels, some new Orenda titles and even the first Karin Slaughter novel. All reviews I very much look forward to. Enjoy your week off! I hope you have a very relaxing time with lots of reading and walking with the dogs!


    1. September 7th at 2.pm!!! 😀 Lots of paperwork and the real deal starts the next day! I CANT WAIT!
      I am so surprised at the look of June. Living it, it felt like a messy ball of everything, but looking at this post, I am pretty proud of it! I’m super excited about all the new books, I’m lucky to have gotten superb gifts 🙂 And I finally have a Karin Slaughter!
      My few days off flew by but I really felt I needed them, and I had a good time 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

        1. There’s so much to do before it happens, I’m a bit scared, haha! I need an apartment and it’s not going very well! But nothing will take away the excitement 😀 I’ll definitely keep time for the blog, I’ll keep reviewing, and commenting, as much as possible, because I feel it’s a real asset, and it’s an addiction. This place is my safe place, and I don’t want it to fizzle out! I already have between 4 and 8 books to read, it’s gonna be weird to read so much in French!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Your apartment can be a safe place too and I’m happy the blog is a safe place for you too. If need be, we’ll all here to carry you through! You don’t have to go at it alone ;-). If you can choose a book of your own, you can always pick Block 46 in French already 😉


            1. Aw, now I’m feeling all lucky and warm and fuzzy ❤ Haha, I wish I could use Block 46, but I have themes to follow and it requires me to get out of my comfort zone! I think I'll create a special reviewing format for those mandatory reads, even if no one is interested, it'll be good for me to work on the books this way, as I feel comfortable on the blog. There's a class that's supposed to teach me how to review books, that's gonna be fun xD


              1. A class for reviewing, how cool! I bet they’re all interesting subjects to follow.. wish I could sit next to you in class! I don’t know if your mandatory reads will be for me but I’m still curious about them so good idea to feature them on your blog!


                1. I’m looking forward to discovering publishing through a scholar view 🙂 I’ll probably share about my classes and if there’s anything you want to chat about, I’ll be happy to!
                  The themes for the mandatory reads are “literature and music” “short novels” and “Greek lit in the XX century” so it’s totally out of my comfort zone, except for the last subject, for which I already have read The Slap years ago!

                  Liked by 1 person

  4. Meggy is totally rocking it! 🙂 Congrats again on the degree news and enjoy the living crap out of this! 🙂

    Have a good time off! ❤ I can't wait for August when I'm taking my hols- I am going to turn off and ignore as much and many of the online stuff as I possibly can! 😀


    1. Thank you SO MUCH dear ❤ I still have to pinch myself, haha! Enrollment starts today, I'll be going through it in a couple of days, and get my official card and all, so exciting!!
      The break was much needed! 🙂 I think I'll have another one at the end of August to prepare myself for the semester! It was nice to only worry about reading! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations to you for getting into your publishing degree! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I like your idea of taking a week off of blogging to focus on other parts of life, I feel I may be headed in that direction as well. Have a relaxing, reading filled week!


    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I don’t know where this will lead me, but I know this is where I belong 🙂 It feels too right to be wrong! The break was fantastic, just me and the books! (and life haha) I’ll have another one-week break at the end of the summer 🙂 it helps enjoy blogging better when you come back!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow girl you rocked June!! I’m so proud of you getting in for the publishing degree and saying goodbye to your pseudonym… ❤ And Yûki is pretty darn adorable; love those photos!!


    1. I owned June like crazy :p Thank you so much my sweet friend ❤ I cannot believe how confident I was when I took the tests. It did not matter whether or not they judged me fit to get in, I knew I was in my world 🙂 and it worked! Thank you <333

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy belated birthday to the very cute and lovely Yuki. I guess it’s been an up and down month for you but hopefully mostly up. So proud of your degree place, I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. I’m sorry for your fainting, but well done for keeping on and staying positive.
    I hope you have a nice break next week and enjoy some good books. You have plenty to choose from. It’s nice to see the Nicola May book there! I will miss your posts and will look forward to reading more of them when you are back.
    Lots of love Amanda xx


    1. It’s been a weird month! So much happened it feels I wasn’t even there, haha! But I am glad big and small steps were taken, and I’m glad I survived it all 🙂 The fainting did not had as big an impact as I thought, I went back to the place to fight my fear, and it worked. I think soon it’ll only be a vague memory with no power.
      Those few days away were great, I only wish I had read more 🙂
      Lots of hugs and love! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Congratulations on being accepted to the publishing degree! That’s seriously amazing! 😀


  9. Seems like you had a great month in June Meggy. 🙂 Wow that’s great news about making it into the publishing course, congratulations! I bet you’re absolutely thrilled about that as well.
    You got through so many books as well, I hope they were all good reads for you too, and wow that’s an incredible haul as well.
    I hope you have a brilliant July, and good luck with your hiatus as well! 🙂 ❤


    1. June was awesome and exhausting! 🙂 Thank you so much! I still can’t believe I’m gonna be studying publishing in a couple of months! The hauls always look so big but thankfully, it’s mostly NG and Amazon deals, haha! My poor bank account!
      I wish you a wonderful July! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  10. June was a month of many accomplishments for you and I could not be happier ❤ Thank you for choosing to let me in and always sharing with me. I love you to The Doctor's Library and back. Happy birthday to Yuki!


  11. awww Yuki is so cute!!! And yes, I’m hoping that if I hide under the covers and pretend it’s not July, then it won’t really be July… it’s not really working, cos now it’s two days into July rather than it reverting back to June… :/ AHHH MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Though it doesn’t surprise me- you deserve it and you’re going to have such an amazing time on the course and in publishing!!! So excited for you!! Don’t worry about setbacks- we all get them- and you’re going to do amazing things!! Sounds like you had an amazing month and read loads of books as well! I will miss you for the next week- but really look forward to this upcoming review!!! 😀


    1. Yûki and Iris are the cutest things on Earth ❤ (the last pic is Iris, but people can never tell!)
      THANK YOU!!!!! I doubted until the day I took the exams. I went in there with all the encouragement from the blogosphere, and the feeling I belonged there, and… It worked, Donna style! :p I'm a bit worried about the super busy schedule but I'll make it happen, no matter what.
      I'm gonna miss you too!!! I'll be on social media a bit, but it's all about books this week! I'll come back with lots of reviews!!xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Happy 6th to Yuki! Congratulations on the publishing degree! And hope there won’t be any more fainting spells! Take care!


      1. I just realised I totally skipped over the part were you said your name’s Meggy, sorry!!! I go on autopilot with bloggers I speak to regularly and didn’t even think 😂 Ahh, don’t be too hard on yourself with the reading xx


  13. SUPER CONGRATS, Meggy! Your publishing spot is awesome! I’ve just come back from a months-long hiatus, so I’m clueless. Is there a story about shedding your pseudonym? Nine books is great! … By contrast, I had the worst reading ever. I only read one. ONE! I’m disappointed in myself. lol


    1. THANK YOU!!! I still can’t believe it. I’m waiting for the official papers once I’ve paid the fees, haha!
      Yep, my pseudonym is gone, my real name is out, and it’s a nice feeling 🙂
      Oh no! Then you can absolutely beat that record in July 😀


  14. I believe I had already congratulated you on your huge career achievement, but hey, wouldn’t hurt to say it again right?! CONGRATULATIONS MEGGY ON THE HUGE STEP FORWARD!!! Hope you enjoy every other step you take! 😉 June has been sooo intense for you, I’m impressed by the number of books you’ve read and how much you’ve achieved in real life too!! Hope that vacation served you and hope life only gets better!! Happy reading, Meggy! 😀


    1. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT ❤ Means a lot! Having had those results, I feel a lot more confident, and I feel totally at ease about the idea of studying in this field, so all is good 🙂 I have no idea how I found the time to read that much, to be honest, haha!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. This is amazing. Congratulations! (Although I’m too too late for that now haha ) I’m really liking your writing style! This is like the 4th post I’m checking out and it’s keeping me so entertained!!


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