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Suntag: The Rapid Fire Book Tag

I was tagged in August (yes, August!) by the adorable and cute Marshie (or Drew for the rest of the word) to do the Rapid Fire Book Tag! If you don’t know who Drew is, what is wrong with you? Go over at The Tattooed Book Geek for brilliant and detailed reviews and the most wonderful and powerful poems (even if I still can’t believe he killed Fluffy!).


eBooks or physical books?

The hardest question first! A year ago, I would have answered that physical books are life and everything else can go to hell. Now I’d say the perfect reading session includes both. I panic if I leave the house without my Kindle because I feel naked without books in my bag (and until I get a bottomless one like Hermione, I can’t take more than two physical books without breaking my back), but I get my comfort from the feeling of a page between my fingers and the weight of a physical book in my hand.

who turned out the lights.gif

Bonus point for the Kindle and its light. I suffered from many headaches because physical books are hard to decipher in the dark and the lazy lady I am can’t bother to switch on the light when she’s comfortably sitting on the couch.

Paperback or hardback?

Paperback. All the way. To the moon and back. Hardbacks are gorgeous, they get an earlier release, and they’re heavy enough to be good weapons in case of a zombie attack, but I find them less practical to read. Sure, they look good on a shelf, but I don’t buy books to only display them. Hardbacks look like pieces of art and it makes me nervous to put my dirty hands on them. Paperbacks fit in a bag, they don’t mind the company of makeup, bottles of water, and they do their jobs. Sure, I have to wait a little more to buy them, but the longer the wait…

Online or in-store book shopping?

Online shopping for my wish lists because it is easier when you know what you want when you’re on a website. But if I want to be spontaneous (which I rarely am) and treat myself, there is nothing better than spending two hours in a bookstore, browsing and touching spines to find a book you would never have discovered in front of your screen.

Trilogies or series?


It depends on the author’s ability to make things run smoothly throughout several books. It is very difficult for a second book in a trilogy to be good, but it is just as hard for a series to keep a fresh and interesting touch after the 8th book!

Heroes or villains?

Is the hero a conceited lady who only cares for guys and clothes? In that case, give me a villain (especially if he looks like DT). Joke aside, I tend to go for the heroes, unless the villain is so well-written that … No, what, who am I trying to fool? Heroes. I can’t help rooting for the good guys.

A book you want everyone to read?

All of my 3, 4 and 5 stars books? Haha!

You might already know my answer to this question. I cannot NOT use Furiously Happy here. I want everyone to read it so they can try and understand better what mental illness is about and what not to say to someone suffering from it. There’s still so much to learn, so many people who are ignorant on the subject. This book can help change the situation. Warning, do not read if you don’t understand humor.

furiously happy

Recommend an underrated book.

I’ll go with The Dali Deception because it doesn’t resemble anything I’ve read this year and it’s a really cool story.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 21.11.06

The last book you finished?

Descriptions of Heaven, by Randal Eldon Greene. More about it later!

Weirdest thing you used as a bookmark?

A ball of hair from my dog at the groomer salon!

Used books, yes or no?

YES! All books deserve a home, even those who have had a life before you! I don’t own more than a couple because I live too far away from any good secondhand bookshops, but used books have a history, and I love the sense of mystery that comes with it.

books travel through life with you.gif

Top three favorite genre?

Psychological thriller, crime, dystopian! Nothing fun really.

Borrow or buy?

Buy! There is too much pressure in borrowing a book! You should see me with library books. I treat them as if they were designer bags.

Characters or plot?


Well, if one of the two is lacking in substance, the story won’t be as good. You don’t ask a parent to choose between kids, you don’t ask a reader if they prefer characters or plot!

Long or short book?

Good book. That’s all I want – a good book. The size doesn’t matter. But I am less likely to pick a book which is too heavy or large. 1000 pages? Nope, no thank you. Cut it in a series if you want me to digest so many pages.

Long or short chapters?

It depends on the story. The only time a chapter length bothered me was when I was reading A Game of Thrones. Someone tell Martin he needs to cut those chapters!

Name the first three books you think of.

  • A Suitable Lie, Michael J Malone => I’ve been dying to read it. If luck is on my side, I will be in bed with this book tonight!
  • White Noise, DeLillo => another assigned book I still haven’t started. It’s currently staring at me from my desk.
  • The Gift, Louise Jensen => I was talking about it this morning. I can’t wait to get it!

Books that make you laugh or cry?


I’s say laugh, but you can guess from my favorite genres it does not happen a lot. But I’m not a big fan of tears, they ruin a good makeup. I’ll go with whatever I’m in the mood for when it’s time to pick a book.

Our world of fictional worlds?

Tough one. There are so many things going wrong in our world (No, it was not a reference to the Trump issue) but I probably would not survive in a fictional world, except for Harry Potter’s, because hey, magic wands!

Audiobooks: yes or no?

YES. I love listening to them when I’m walking the dogs. No matter how busy the day is, I know I get 4×20 minutes of “reading” done each day. The only downside is their price.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?


Who doesn’t? I tried not to but there is always a cover that catches your eye and makes you jump on it before you can even think of reading the blurb. I was lucky that my last cover loves were good ones.

Book to movie or book to TV adaptation?

Book to book! The only adaptation I never regretted was Harry Potter. I also found the movie version of Me Before You more convincing (nope, I did not cry either) but I’d rather books stayed books. To make it a TV adaptation, you need a lot of material, and I feel they tend to take even more liberties than with a movie.

A movie or TV adaptation you preferred to the book?

I know there is one, but I can’t recall its name now *searches frenetically through her mind*

Series or standalone?

Both are fine with me. I’m a little leery of series as they often disappoint me at some point. I’m still so mad at James Dashner for The Death Cure. Also, I feel so sad when a series starts to lose its shine, so if I really had to choose, I’d go with a good standalone.

that waas fun.gif

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67 thoughts on “Suntag: The Rapid Fire Book Tag”

  1. Love your answers my Sweechie! I agree, I’d rather books stay books, but there seems to be this NEED to put all the great books on the big screen, which annoys me, A LOT. I’m glad to hear you liked the Me Before You adaptation, I still need to watch that one πŸ™‚


    1. I think lazy people don’t want to read and that’s why they have to make books into movies! The movie was okay, but I still don’t understand the fuss, haha!


  2. Great tag Donna and thanks for the awesome shout out at the start, appreciate it.πŸ˜€

    Alas, the Fluffy trilogy had to end, he was an under appreciated rabbit and his time was up, he’s with the maidens in the sky now getting his rocks off. πŸ˜‚


  3. Ohhh, Donna gifs ❀ I also prefer paperbacks, hardbacks are too heavy and I always feel like I'll damage them XD I always judge the book by its cover… can't help it!

    Your bookmark was definitely weird…… hahaha You know, when I was kid I didn't use them because I always thought I could remember where I was. I don't know why I did that, what was I thinking? XD


  4. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that a ball of your dog’s hair is pretty weird to use as a bookmark!! Haha! πŸ˜‚


  5. -The one movie that I found better than the book was Fight Club. I did hear Palahniuk himself say that he liked the movie better than that particular book of his.
    -I haven’t tried any eReader yet. Maybe I’ll have to get a Kindle just so I know what my books look like in that format. It’s also likely that getting through all of the physical books in my library would open up more reading time and electronic text exploration.
    -Happy reading!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!
      It was the book blogging community who convinced me to finally get an eReader. I was a physical book lover all the way and did not see the advantages of an electronic device. Now I admit I’m a little obsessed with the Kindle and those Amazon deals on ebooks have helped me get a pretty decent collection. I believe I appreciate this “new” way of reading because I am careful to balance my reading time between the e-reader and the physical books.


  6. I am such a lazy reader! I absolutely love my physical books. I have to have them, but they do not work well when we won’t get up to turn those lights on πŸ˜‰ I feel your pain (literally). Also extra point for the Kindle allowing me to read at night without disrupting my nonhusband!


    1. Kindle is perfect to read whenever/wherever! As an insomniac, I wasted so many hours in the dark because switching on a light to read was impossible. Now my lovely eReader is on my nightstand every night!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Dog’s hair, really? I just try to memorize the page (OK I try to stop on an even page, and preferable then on an easy number). Thanks for tagging me.. I was a little worried because I wanted to answer the exact same thing on the first questions, but then I didn’t read Furiously Happy yet so can’t really recommend πŸ˜‰


    1. Yep, I dared. But they make pretty balls because they’re white and thick! πŸ˜€ The same happened to me because let’s be honest, many of us have the same habits/views on a couple of things!


  8. I’ve got like TONS of tags I was tagged in last year and I still haven’t done them, so you’re doing remarkably well, Donna.

    And so much yes for e-books. I’ve always been a ebook reader but I feel like they get a bit of a bad rep… but I love them because they’re so convenient and easy to carry around.

    I haven’t seen Furiously Happy until this post and I gotta check it out! Thanks for that rec. ❀


    1. It was the book blogging community who convinced me to try ebooks. I was old school, haha! But now I just can’t go anywhere without my Kindle! You are very welcome, Furiously Happy is my favorite book of the year! πŸ™‚


  9. Loved your blog. You really brought so many questions out, which is so fascinating. I really do agree with you that some books needs to stay books and turning them unto movies really takes away from the book. I really enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for sharing it.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I love tags that make you think about what you do and why you do it, and this tag’s questions had me thinking a bit before I could write the answer I wanted to. I am glad you enjoyed reading, it makes sharing a little easier to have such a nice response to posts πŸ™‚ Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I loved all of your answers SO much! I panic if I leave the house without my Kindle as well. And I usually take a physical copy with me on top of it, just in case my Kindle dies or something.

    Ooh, and as for Audiobooks! You know I do the same whenever I can, but because they are so expensive, I rarely got any really good ones. Then, I downloaded an app called Storytel last week (on Google Play) and O-M-G. You can listen to as many audiobooks as you want for only 9,50 a month. I’m flying through my books now, even while being in a slump <3. So yes, if you can afford it, it's originally a Swedish app, so I'm sure it's available in France as well if it is over here!

    I guess I'm the last member of the Potty Pals now who still has to do this tag now eh :D.


    1. Yes! The important physical book in case your Kindle runs out of battery, it’s essential! I also have the Kindle app on my phone… in case the book gets stolen or ruined by the rain? xD You can never be too prepared.
      OMG I need to check Storytel!! Thank you for letting me know!
      Go and write your post now πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAha! I downloaded the app on my phone last month as well. As a precaution :’). I checked out storytel.com and saw it wasn’t available in France yet, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to just get the Dutch version :D. I have mine set on English as well. And it’s so fucking brilliant, I can’t seem to shut up about it. Like now. No time for tags! I have to listen to audiobooks (and bake pancakes ^^) xD


  11. OMG! Yes! This has to be my most favorite tag, Drew tagged me when he tagged you & I had the most fun writing that post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ one of my most highly viewed too so GO Drew! LOL! I agree 100% Furiously Happy is a book everyone should read & Audiobooks are AMAZING! Matter of fact I listened to the Furiously Happy audiobook & never laughed & cried so hard reading/listening to a book. Great answers Donna πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


    1. Thank you! I sometimes skim answers to tags when I notice the questions are similar, so I’m really happy my little writing kept you reading πŸ™‚ The more formats, the better!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. That’s so true about hardbacks… they look so pretty on the shelf and I’ve often wished I could afford a library full of them, but I just recently started reading one, and now you mention it I am realising that yeah, it is not the most comfortable reading experience!


  13. Are you going to update the post with the name of the movie/TV adaptation you preferred to the book? I’m curious!
    This is a fun tag. I love these questions (and your answers)! I think I’ll tag myself and do it in the future! I’ve seen it around for a while, though, so I hope people aren’t tired of it by the time I get around to it, lol.


    1. I am still trying to remember, haha! I might have to read my old tags, I am pretty sure I mentioned it somewhere. I’ll let you know on Twitter! I can’t wait to read your answers, I found this tag so interesting and fun, even though it required a little brain work to come up with answers! I’m sure yours will be great too!


  14. I love your answers especially the one on new versus old books. I buy secondhand books a lot although I know that most people don’t like them. I have found books from different parts of the world, some still have bookmarks while others have little notes. I found an autographed copy once that made me think about why the author gave out the book. I totally agree with you on that. Great post!


  15. I may have to do this tag… It’ll be January before I get around to it, but I so want to do this tag…
    Yes to paperbacks, and yes to judging books by their covers!! I keep preaching how your book’s cover is like the first three seconds in a job interview! πŸ˜€


    1. It’s a nice one that forces you to think a bit about the answers πŸ™‚ Haha, you’re so true! After all, we decide on a house within 90seconds, so it makes sense that your book cover gives the first impression that can kill an interest!


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