March Wrap-up Post

March has been a roller-coaster, both on a personal scale and for reading.

Personal things first: a new job brings lots of joy, even more stress and a little bit of money (yay for buying more books), but it reduces your free time by eating huge chunks of your days. Thankfully, the Kindle app for iPhone helped me to grab a few pages here and there and I managed to read more during the second half of the month. Also, suing your former boss to get what he owes you takes headaches and thousands of tea cups to calm you down.
I have had no time to improve my English pronunciation, I can barely keep up with my flash cards and tutoring is less fun when students don’t show up.

But let’s tread back on happier territory!

Books read: 6

I’m actually surprised about reaching 6 books finished this month as I spent the first half of March on the same book.

All links lead to This Week In Books’ posts because I tend to use them to rate/give a small flash review.

Lost Memory of Skin 2/5                                          Rebecca 3/5

The Laptev Virus 4/5                                                 Me Before You 2,5/5

The Ex 4/5

Reviews: 2

The Cuckoo’s Calling  

The Laptev Virus

The Cuckoo’s Calling took me a couple of days, I struggled a bit, mostly due to the language. The big surprise was how fast I wrote The Laptev Virus’ review. The words kept coming and it was wrapped in 30 minutes. It’s the first review I am actually proud of.

Books purchased: 6


Tags and Awards: 1

Liebster Award

I am soooo behind schedule on tags. I’ll make sure to catch up soon so expect more posts than usual in the first half of April!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 20.58.17

I just got back from the dentist so here’s a picture of my new mug and some chocolate bears. Now I am going to hide under the covers until it stops hurting!


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