February Wrap-up

πŸ“š Bookish recap πŸ“š

I did not keep track of my reading challenge this month so I was thrilled when I realized I had read 7 books. I mean, two months ago, I had trouble going through two books so there’s huge improvement!

Digging To America, Anne Tyler: 4/5 ReviewedΒ here

Too Many Cooks / Champagne for One, Rex Stout: 3/5
I love mysteries. Yet, if you take a look at my shelves, it wouldn’t really show. Before reading this, I associated mysteries with the scent of old books and a certain rigidity. (Bear with me, it had been ages since I’d give this genre a try!) You won’t find rigidity in those novels. Instead, you’ll be acquainted with well-written characters and dry humor.
Bonus: I was thrilled to have discovered who was the culprit before the end of Too Many Cooks.

2084, Boualem Sansal: 2/5
I already hinted in my TWIB that I was disappointed in this book. I am still working on the review, it might take another couple of days for me to figure out how to write it.

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury: 4/5
I understand why everyone kept recommending it. Turning the firemen’s work into the complete opposite was a brilliant idea, but I could not stand the thought of all those books being burnt 😦 poor babies. It took me a little while to be completely hooked but once plunged into Bradbury’s world, I could not put the book away.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, J.K Rowling: 5/5
Does it need any comment? πŸ™‚

Back When We Were Grownups, Anne Tyler: 3/5
Back When We Were Grownups has all the key elements I liked in Digging To America; the hustle bustle of a big family, a tendency to throw too many parties, and the general down-to-Earth tone, all of it written in a efficient way. However, something was lacking. I could not get attached to the characters the way I got attached to the families of Digging to America. The midlife crisis of a 50 year-old stepmother was an okay read but nothing memorable.

Only Ever Yours, Louise O’Neill: 4/5
I did not enjoy it. Who could? There is nothing enjoyable in a world where girls are bred and trained to please men. The competition to be the perfect woman was unbearable. I hoped many times for Frieda to find a way to escape her fate. I think it could have been a bit shorter, nothing much happened in certain chapters and the same issues came up many times. It was an intense and disturbing read, but so well-written I couldn’t put it down.

Goodreads reading challenge: so far, I manage to read 13books out of 30. I will probably reach my goal before summer, that’s very good news!

🎬 Screen Recap 🎬


Is a watching slump a thing? I have neglected TV shows and movies again. The only new thing I’ve watched was the season premiere of X Files. In French. Yikes. It’s getting harder every day to watch anything dubbed. I don’t get why they change/cut so much dialogue.

πŸ“… March to-do list πŸ“…

  • Reviews. Reviews. Reviews. Gotta work on reviews.
    Many books were supposed to be reviewed but every time I finished one I was too excited about the next so I kept putting reviews off. It was good for my reading challenge, but not for my language progress.
    I hereby declare reviews a priority for the month to come!

6 thoughts on “February Wrap-up”

  1. Wow, 13 books already. I think you might double your Goodreads challenge. I set mine at 40 and have only read 5! I’m behind schedule already!
    I have been watching The X Files too, it seems different from the original, but I still like it.


    1. I decided not to change my goal to see how many books I can read this year and have a proper (and bigger!) goal in 2017 because I just recovered from a long reading slump and I want to avoid the pressure πŸ™‚
      5 is better than none! πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll make it! Some months are so busy it makes it hard to read.
      I was pleasantly surprised to find many similarities between the old and the new X Files, it didn’t feel brand new, or completely changed, just the same old with new stuff going on. But I’m still wary about what they’ve done with the rest of the season!

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