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Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag

Hello world! I have been away from the Internet for five days. Five days! I usually don’t really care but now that I’ve been blogging for a little while I missed reading my fellow bloggers posts. And of course, the connection was severed when I could have had fun doing the tags I’d been invited to!
I’m starting off the week with the Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag! Thanks to the lovely The Orang-Utan Librarian for tagging me 🙂

Opening Credits: Favorite childhood book
Kamo et moi, Daniel Pennac
kamo et moi
I don’t have many childhood memories but I remember carrying this book with me everywhere.

Waking up: A book that got you out of a reading slump
1984, George Orwell
At the time, I was studying full time, I think the only thing I read was the TV program once a week. I had to read 1984 for a class nobody cared about so I was not very enthusiastic. I had never heard of 1984 and wasn’t expecting much. And then, it happened. When I put the book down, I was glad a book as strong as this was the one that reminded me about the power of reading.

School: A book you had to read for school that you ended up loving
Les Liaisons Dangereuses, C.De Laclos
Les liaisons dangeureuses
Epistolatory novels are not my thing. Still, I loved this one. I couldn’t wait to know how the game would end.

Falling in Love: An author you love so much you want to read all of their books
I am more of a “all-about-the-book” person so it’s never really about the author. At the moment, I’m very curious about Anne Tyler. I’ve read only one of her books but I intend to read more of them as I really enjoyed her style.

Fight: a book with the best action sequences
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K Rowling
HP et les reliques
I thought and thought about it but I can’t recall a book with real action sequences except for the last Harry Potter. It looks like I’m not into books with a lot of action.

Break up: a book or series you didn’t finish and do not intend to finish
A Game Of Thrones, G.R.R Martin
Maybe I should not have started with the TV show. I was very disappointed with the books. I gave it several tries but I always ended up bored. I feel there’s something missing, and the style never really appealed to me.

Hanging with friends: a book you think everyone should read
French Grammar for All
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hanging around waiting for someone to make a grammar mistake and yell at them, but recently it’s been hard not to wince at people’s speech or writing.

Breakdown: a book that seriously affected you/had you crying your eyes out
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, J.S Foer
extremely loud
I read it earlier this year, and I feel it’s still with me. I was deeply moved by the writing and the story itself,  some things echoing with my own story.

Roadtrip: Your favorite series (more than 3 books)
The Stephanie Plum series, Janet Evanovich
one for the money

My go-to series for all times: depressed? Happy? Bored? Sick? Commuting? Waiting for the dentist? Stephanie Plum is my answer. This series never fails to take my mind away from everything that’s bothering me, and it’s always a pleasure to read about Stephanie and her messy life.

Flashback: your favorite book from five years ago
The Slap, Christos Tsiolkas
Someone I knew was reading it on the beach, that was the only reason I picked up this book. You can say a lot about people by the books they read. I’d say that person has great taste, at least when it comes to reading. it’s still a favorite of mine.

Getting back together: What book can you not stop rereading?
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.K Rowling
Harry potter 3
I don’t reread much, especially because I had been on a reading break for a long time and only resumed a few weeks ago, but if there’s a book I can go back to at any time, it’s the third Harry Potter. It was the first I ever read, and it has a special place in my heart. Every chapter takes me back and triggers good memories every time.

Wedding: a book that is special to you
Stepmom, Maggie Robb
I read this one after I watched the movie. I remember being in tears when I finished it. There is nothing special about the writing, and the story is quite simple, but I could never relate to another book the way I relate to this one.

Moment of Triumph: the longest book you’ve ever read
The Iliad, Homer
I’m not sure it was the longest but it sure felt like it!

Death scene: Book or series you wish had ended differently?
Red Mist, Patricia Cornwell
red mist
As a teen, I used to love the Kay Scarpetta books. I know the series is not over but somewhere along the way the style and tone changed and I lost interest. The series ended with Red Mist for me and I wish it hadn’t because I miss it.

Funeral: a book with the best/worse epilogue

An epilogue that had me having nightmares was Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. It felt like the perfect last touch and gave me shivers. I can’t think of a better (if “better” can be used with this book…) ending.  I must have read it 14 years ago and I still remember it too clearly.
I was disappointed with the ending of Reconstructing Amelia. The story had built my expectations so high that I fell hard when I reached the last page.

End Credits: who do you tag?

That’s so Jacob

Michelle from I’m an adventure

Claire from Art and Soul


Monique from Land of Literature

And anyone who hasn’t done it!


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